Shoo, shoo be gone you pesky conscience!!

I need a new conscience; I’m fed up with the one I currently have; it’s way too loud, obnoxious and never ever shuts up…oh and the stupid thing never takes my side!!! Seriously, anyone knows where I can get a new ‘inner voice’ or better yet interested in exchanging yours with mine 😀

[Background to my plea]

So around 7:00 pm I logged onto Facebook and I see that there’s a lecture by DADI JANKI on “Secrets For True Wealth” at Salwa Al Sabah Hall at 8:00.

Me: Mom get dressed; we’re going go to a lecture on spirituality

Mom: Ahhhhh what’s the point? They don’t say anything I don’t already know. If you are in the mood to be lectured I can go on the mambar for ya. Here we go: Be good, be nice, be honest, let go of the past, be forgiving, be satisfied, be…

Me: Hahahaha very funny…come on… it starts in an hour.

[Blank look from my mom]

Me: Well, Dadi kinda looks like Lata Mangeshkar

So 30 minutes later we walk into the Hall, and who do I see sitting right on a couch as I enter—the only person I have ever treated not so nicely in my whole life and never apologized to. The same dude I was talking about in this post.

Me: Why, oh why God? Why do I have to see him here..and tonight of all nights.? Is this a sign?

Inner Voice: Yep, come on, this is your chance to be good again.

Me: I ain’t walking over to him…no way!!…and you have been seeing “The Kite Runner” way too many times!! WTH is with “you can be good again”?!!

Inner Voice: Fine, have it your way.

[A few minutes later]

Dadi: Honesty…I myself have never lied…why should I? What’s the point of lying? What are you afraid of?

Inner Voice: See? What are you afraid of?

Me: Shh…I’m trying to listen…hey hold on. I NEVER lied to him.

Inner Voice: Nope you didn’t lie; but you weren’t completely honest with him either.

Me: Huh? Look what I did wasn’t all that bad. Besides I don’t owe him any explanation for my action.

Dadi: Parents have to spend time with their kids to teach them morals

Inner Voice: See, your parents taught you better than this.

Me: Would you please Shhhhhhh. Seriously get off my back. Look this story goes back to my ‘dark’ days, and anything I did during those months cannot be held against me now.

Inner Voice: Do you think you ran into him here by accident? Why of all the nights, do you think you saw him tonight?

Me: Seriously, bug off….I’m trying to listen…ok fine…I’ll talk to him later.

Inner Voice: No you are not. At least be honest with your own inner voice. You never do the things you say you will do later.

Dadi: We have 3 enemies: carelessness, procrastination, and…

Me: ok, that’s it. I am out of here.

Inner Voice: Hehehehe…see I told ya so.

Here a video clip of Dadi…not the lecture she gave in Kuwait though

UPDATE: Thank you Grey for pointing out that I misspelled “conscience” 😀 😀 …opps


5 thoughts on “Shoo, shoo be gone you pesky conscience!!

  1. I have treated people in not so me way… I have ignored them and belittled them… I know I was wrong and maybe that person was nice but the point is that he wasn’t nice to me… So I’m refelcting his actions…
    Then my inner voice would not shut up abput it! It condemns me to love everyone even the person who hurts me!
    Do you think you’d like to switch inner-voices?

  2. proshat: hehehe naaaay…i’ve managed to shut mine up for a bit :D…i know what u mean, but the thing is that this guy did not do anything mean:(

    amu: LOL…just me having an argument with my conscious.

  3. i hate it .. when i was ‘born again’ (in 1993 ancient history) bloody conscience made me write apology letters to all the people that i had hurt … that was a huge relief… i wrote a apology letter to my college lecturer because before he entered the class i had fixed a hangmans noose and he was very much offended , he didnt utter a word, and no one told him who was the culprit but i wrote to him after two years that it was me …
    But off late … i have killed my conscience ( or is it concioius) .. its a cruel world you know !

  4. grey: 1st of all thank yoooouuuuuuuu for pointing my spelling mistake…i fixed it in the post and wrote an update.

    2nd, thanks for sharing that story

    3rd, did your teacher even remember the incident? 😀

    4th, stm i wish i did have the courage to write an apology letter to another person i hurt 15 years ago

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