Quick question: Which is worse/better?

Fork in the road-Melat Park-Tehran-April 2008

To grow old completely alone or to be stuck in a loveless marriage.

I don’t mean an abusive marriage, just one that there’s no passion; no spark, nothing to make your heart skip a beat.


8 thoughts on “Quick question: Which is worse/better?

  1. Well, who said this loveless marriage is the only marriage oportunity? And who said if this one is not happening right now, growing old alone is the only other outcome?

    However, I believe not all the loves are starting right at first sight. I think in some cases love grows by knowing the other person as time goes by.

    And, well, who am I to comment about such a thing? 😉

  2. I dont know… I would prefer being alone. I would like to keep my distance from others and not be too dependent. But either being alone, or in a loveless marrige, I would feel distant and unemotional. No big difference. BUT, in a marrige I have to share my house, that would be a BIG problem!

  3. That’s a tough question! I think I would rather choose a loveless marriage, then have a child, make divorce and keep my child ;P

  4. arshia: damet garm 😀 😀 That’s what I always say.

    When it comes to marriage there are many possible outcomes. There’s never a choice just between the two given in the post.

    But what i meant was, IF you are married to a very nice man/woman that you don’t love, will you get a divorce and ‘risk’ having no companion at all.

    (Shoma sarvar maeed :P)

    proshat: hey what’s your star sign coz you and i are way too much alike 😀 😀

    rieaane: hehehehe…hmmmmmmm if only sperm banks would accept single female customers 😛

  5. amu: 😀 ya amu thanks 4 d concern :D…so sweet…i wasn’t referring to myself…on the contrary I am very happy with my current situation 😀

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