Dar Athar Al-Islamiyya Events

The remaining events at Dar Athar:

Next 28/04/2008 Risa Tokunaga: Desert Rock Inscriptions in Arabia & Egypt: Traces of Ancient Arab Travellers & Bedouin
05/05/2008 Music- Sulaiman al-Dikan
12/05/2008 Carl Ernst: “Sufism & the Aesthetics of Penmanship in Ya’qub ibn Hasan al-Shirazi’s Tukfat al-Muhibbin (1454
13/05/2008 Judith Ernst: “Envisioning the Unseen: The Relationship between Vision and Sight in Art and Illustration”
19/05/2008 Gocha Japaridze
26/05/2008 Sitare Turan Bakir: “Traditional Tiles & Ceramics of … today”
28/05/2008 Music ,Rashed Juma: Violin / Piano recital…

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