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7 things I plan to do:

1. Allow my heart to be in the driver’s seat for a change (not that it asked anyone for permission; it just shoved my head out of the way and took over)

2. Go to Malaysia in mid-May 😀

3. Learn what all those buttons on my camera do :O

4. Learn to play at least a couple of guitar chords

5. Start reading Rumi in Persian (thanks A.N for the motivation)

6. Motivate my mom to start painting (I already taught her how to surf the net :D)

7. Re-lose that 5 kg I have re-gained and lose an additional 5 kg… and then decide if I need to lose more weight 😀

7 things I can do:

1. Just like Intlxpatr, speak in public…don’t get nervous at all…an NO I don’t not imagine everyone sitting naked. I honestly want to know if that tip has ever worked for anyone!!!

2. Talk and talk and talk endlessly for hours and hours on end

3. Forgive and forget (of course the forgetting part is coz of my terrible, terrible, terrible memory)

4. Lie and get away with it (a skill I have recently mastered…at least I think I have)

5. Procrastinate effectively (I work a lot better when I am under stress…yep that’s my excuse

6. Speak my mind (another skill I have acquired recently)

7. A.N says I am an expert at coming up with a 1000 excuses for not-doing something

7 things I can’t do:

1. Bake!!! (it just never turns out right; but then again I don’t need to, my bro makes excellent cakes)

2. Not cry when watching most movies (it’s embarrassing watching a movie with someone, they always go, now why are you crying at this scene???

3. Give up easily

4. Sing (except in the car and bathroom…and when I want to clear the room)

5. Anything artistic, e.g. paint, draw, music

6. Dance…heck even my 10 month old niece dances better than me…actually I should add this to the list of things I plan on doing…learn Persian dancing

7. Remember where I have parked my car

7 things I say a lot

1. Magical (my favorite word)

2. Lovely ass (as in “I’m too tired to drag my lovely ass out of bed”; or when messaging friends to let them know I have arrived “my lovely ass is here, where are you?”

3. ‘Baba joon’ when talking with Persians; ‘ya ammy’ here in Kuwait

4. Extremely (instead of very)

5. What the hell!!!!!

6. Serious??!!

7. No way!!!!

(Based on my last 3 catch phrases I can see that I’m surprised quite a lot, hmmmm)


7 thoughts on “Tagged by Intlxpatr: The 7 things tag

  1. I love it that you can’t help crying in movies – it tells me that you have an empathetic heart, a heart that is easily moved. I suspect you are very good at putting yourself in the shoes of others!

  2. I believe you will enjoy using those buttons on your camera, since you already have a good eye for capturing some special moments. (az alaki nemigam, I say it because I have seen your photos!)


    we almost have identical lists!!

    good luck with them all ..
    im .. thinking i should just copy paste urs and print it instead of writing my own :p

  4. intlxpatr: Thank youuuuu for the compliment…*blushes*

    arsh: serious?? you really think i do?…*blushes some more*…with this encouraging comment and the really thoughtful email you sent i have definitely got the encouragement to grab my camera and go photo shooting tomorrow :D….soooo grateful for the positive energy 🙂

    no3ik: well, well, i must say u seem to be a very interesting person…hehehehehe…nice meeting ya ;p

  5. Yes khanom khanoma 😉
    I’m used to be a EAR,bc I’m surronded by big Mouths :))
    bia khonamon 🙂

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