No longer a Mirror Polisher

Today marks the 18 month-and- 20 day anniversary of when I wrote my first post (don’t look at me like that, I’m sure there’s some tribe some where in the world that actually celebrates an 18 month and 20 day anniversary).

I was in the middle of writing a post on “The Five people I will meet in Heaven” when I realize that the phase of being a “Mirror Polisher” is completed. Here’s an excerpt from the post I explain the story behind the name:

Why Mirror Polisher? Coz I used to dread mirrors. I would only look into one in the mornings when brushing my hair, and even then only at my hair, never into my eyes. For some reason, staring straight into my own eyes wasn’t too comfortable for me. Maybe it was because our eyes are mirrors of our souls; if you look deep enough you can see the essence of one’s soul. For me a Mirror Polisher is a person who is not afraid of seeking self-awareness, who polishes the mirror to get a clear reflection of their soul.

Well, people, I am done polishing. I now know who I am. I am now happy with who I am. I now love having mirrors all over the house…and these mirrors are so well polished that the eyes that stare back at me no longer intimidate me.

So, it’s time I left this blog.

Just like I left Magical Droplets.

But who am I going to be now?







I’ll be me.

No nicknames, no words that best describe me, no symbols of what defines me, just me…

Actually scratch what I just said…I can’t use my real real name!!! Not that I write anything I wouldn’t want anyone who knows me in real life to read, but still…it would be creepy knowing that they know about my blog but I don’t know they know

Hmmmmm, give me time to think of a new nickname.

*goes to think*


4 thoughts on “No longer a Mirror Polisher

  1. I like to call you something but I dont know if you would like it or not…
    I would like to call you:
    Walking Miracle

  2. proshat: 😀 Thanks hun for the compliment…i like it…but i’ve thinking of having a persian name…since i can’t go with my own name, why not another name that i have always like? hmmmm?

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