The importance of being Earnest

How do parents do it????? Not the raising the kid up properly part…that’s easily done…they should just invest in a good international satellite dish and let the kid be brought up by the old box in the corner.

No I’m talking about the hardest part of having kids—choosing a name.

I’m trying to pick a new name for my new blog and I’m stuck.

Scratched and scratched and scratched my head all day yesterday and came up with no name that ‘felt’ right.

Then a Youtube buddy of mine emails me that a friend of theirs has just given birth and they are looking for a suitable Persian name. So I gave him my fav Persian names…then a lightbulb came on…hmmmm how about a Persian name for my new username? I can’t use my own coz well of that eerie feeling… so why not another one?

See as a kid I never actually really liked my name coz it rhymed with my brother’s. I felt that the only reason my parents gave me this name was so it would fit in nicely after my brother’s name on some kind of list —hey I’m a Cancerian…we are weird.

So first name that came to my mind was Delaram. It means a peaceful heart or a quiet heart. I used to have a colleague in Iran with this name and she really was calm and peaceful.

Other names I have short-listed are:

1. Shabnam: I like the ring to it …oh and the meaning? Well it means dew …which is what I meant by magical droplets. Oh and I also have a very sweet friend called Shabnam so there’s good aura attached to the name 😀

2. Darya=sea. Me lova da sea 😀

3. Kimiya=Alchemy. I like the way it sounds and the meaning.

I’m gonna sleep on it tonight 😀


2 thoughts on “The importance of being Earnest

  1. Daryaaaaa, me likes Darya a lot! 😀 Bebakhshid man foozoolam, anything that you like 😀

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