Darya it is :D

Till 6 this evening I still hadn’t come to any final decision on what to call this new baby. For me to choose something I have to ‘feel’ that it’s right; I need to get a sign—nooooo I haven’t read one Paulo Coelho book too many 😀

So I’d added some new songs to my ipod—some old albums that I hadn’t listened to for a long time—when Moein’s song Pialeh came on. Oh god this song!!!It must have been at least 10 years since I last heard this song. I love the message of the song. So merry old me tried to sing along, trying to remember the lyrics when the following words were sang out loud:

Bi Neyaz o

Tanha baash;

Teshneh bash o

Darya bash


Be detached (from worldly possessions)

Be solitary

Be thirsty

Be the sea

Can a sign get any clearer than this??!! It says be the sea—be darya.

And so Darya (the sea) I become

The ebb and flow of my sea will be marked here: www.mymagicaldroplets.wordpress.com

I had created that blog when I wanted to export the posts on Magical Droplets before deleting it. I just exported all the posts on Mirror Polisher to it as well.

PS. I forgot to credit the two images in this post (edited) and the one preceding it–opps– they are both from this site


6 thoughts on “Darya it is :D

  1. Darya Eh? But i likey likey … i was thinking you would end up with something like ‘hot teacher’ or something like that 😀

  2. I had a friend name Darya when I was in high school, I never seen her for how many years, now I will consider you as my long lost friend Darya!

  3. ROFL @ grey…maybe the next time i decide to change names again 😛

    rieanne: aaaah so nice for us to finally find each other after all this time ;p

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