The Countdown of our Lives

When I was in Tehran this time I noticed that they had installed digital countdown clocks on most traffic lights.


I used to drive in Tehran during the pre-countdown era and in those days us the trick that us Tehrani drivers used was to watch out for the light on the opposite direction. As soon as it turned yellow, we knew ours would turn green in a couple of seconds.

But these newly countdown clocks will let you in exactly how many seconds the light would turn green and also when it would turn red (so if you are 100 meters away you could speed up to 150 km/hr to pass the light before it turns red).

I noticed that Tehrani drivers now are a lot more relaxed when waiting at the traffic light. They don’t have to be watching the other light all the time.

Sometimes I wish certain things in my life would have digital countdown clock.

Don’t wanna be watching ‘the other light’ anymore.

I wanna know…

know how long left


5 thoughts on “The Countdown of our Lives

  1. We thry are not trustable that much. The one on Hafiz St. tends to stop at 4 to countdown for at least 10 seconds

  2. hehehe so they are not new and they don’t work all the time huh? So typical 😛

    but baba joon, the point of the post was the countdown in our lives 😀

    @tuttut: were they there in 2002?

  3. wow! this is my first time visiting this blog of yours. how can you keep up with 2 blog??
    hugs and kisses…hope all is well.

  4. 😀 naaa i don’t have 2 blogs, i imported all my posts from magical droplets and mirror polisher here…i have become complete ;p 😀 ;p 😀

    All is well azizaam and will be becoming even better.

    *hugs and kisses back* ;p

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