To slip or not to slip

So mom, bro and I are watching Tom and Jerry

ME: hahahaha

MOM: hehehehe

BRO: hohohoh

ME: Aaaahhhhh


[5 minutes later-1 second after watching a scene where Tom slips on a banana peel]

ME: How come we never see people slipping on banana peels in real life? Actually what’s a banana peel doing on the floor in the first place? There’s no other garbage on the floor, so what’s with the banana peel

No comment from anyone

ME: Seriously, other than Tom and Jerry and that deodorant commercial I have never actually seen a person slipping on one. I don’t think it’s possible to slip on one.

Still no comment from anyone

ME: Do we have any bananas? I wanna test this slipping thingy. I’ll put one near the threshold and see if the next person who walks in would slip or not. I gotta figure this out; I want to know what’s the deal with banana peels.

MOM AND BRO AT THE SAME TIME: Get a life!!!!!!


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