Did I hear a ssshhhhhh? Ahhh so you must be Persian

Conversation 1: Me and some new teacher I just met

New dude I just met: So where are you from?

Me: Guess.

New dude I just met: Iran

Me: Wooooo that was quick. It usually takes people 8-10 guesses. What gave me away? My Persian eyes..heheheh.

New dude I just met: Nope. It was your name.

Me: Ahhhhhhh, hold on I thought you said you just came to Kuwait from Egypt. There aren’t that many Iranians in Egypt so how come you are so familiar with iranain names?

New dude I just met: Actually this is the first time I hear a name like yours. I just “knew’ it’s an Iranian name.

ME: You just ‘knew’??!!

New dude I just met: Yeah coz it has ‘sh’ in it.

Me: WTH!!! You guessed my nationality from the sh sound in my name??!!!

New dude I just met: Yep. See since coming to Kuwait you are the 6th Iranian I’ve met and all but 1 of you had a sh in their names. Even when I hear 2 Iranians speaking I hear a lot of the ‘sh’ sounds. And when Marina FM put some Iranian music, again lots and lots of the ‘sh’ sound. Your name has ‘sh’ in it, even your last name has ‘sh’ in it, so I guessed you are Iranian…and I was right.

Ok, so I gotta put his little theory to test.

First the songs:

So with a pen and paper in hand I start to listen attentively to a couple of songs. To be honest with you I didn’t hear THAT many sh’s. Ok maybe it sounds a lot coz most of the common words in songs have sh in them:




To become: shodan (this is very common)

Fire: Ateesh (don’t ask me why this was quite common in the songs I listened to)

City: shahr (ok this is common coz lovers always want to leave the city…don’t ask)

You killed me=mano koshtee (this is a way of saying “I love you” :P)

Second the name

From a site of Iranian female names I counted 44 female names out of 320 that had the sh sound in it

That’s 13.75%.

Now how would I know if that is a high percentage?? Hmm I guess I gotta count all the other sounds as well….

PS. I counted very quickly so don’t bug me that my numbers are incorrect…leave 5 names for margin of error


3 thoughts on “Did I hear a ssshhhhhh? Ahhh so you must be Persian

  1. Well Let me guess what song you were listening to… hmm…
    منو كشتي… دوباره زنده كردي
    اينكه فقط يه ش داشت

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