So I sound French :D

Conversation 2: A salesclerk at Debenhams talking to me and my mom

Mom: [commenting about a clothing item in Persian]

Me: [nodding in Persian]

Mom: [not hearing my nod, re-commenting]

Me: [agreeing, talking about nonsense for a while]

Salesclerk: [staring at us]

Me: [still talking nonsense]

Salesclerk: [eavesdropping on our conversation]

Me: [in Persian] mom I think that dude over there understands Farsi; he’s listening in

Mom: [stares at the dude!!!]

Salesclerk: [looks apologetic, smiles sheepishly]…eeeey sorry were you guys speaking French?

Me: French???!! It sounded French??!!

Salesclerk: Yeah.

Mom: Where are you from?

Salesclerk: India

Mom: So, you should have been able to tell we were speaking Persian. Our language is so close. See we say “khub’ for ‘good’ you guys say ‘khubsorat’ for beautiful, so see it literally means good face… so and then there’s the word…

Me: [patiently waits for the linguistic lessons to end]


11 thoughts on “So I sound French :D

  1. Interesting, believe it or not, Armin (my bf) gets that comment alot too! People, mostly Canadians find him speaking English with a French accent; and believe me, he knows NO French! (hehe, hope he doesn’t read this… LOL)

  2. 😀 :D…so Persian sounds French huh?

    If it sounds Canadian French that would be a compliment but French French…eeeehhh…

  3. I got that reaction too. A lot of American friends tell me I have a bit of French accent in my English.
    I even have been told that I sound like people from Quebec!
    While TRYING to learn French I did not found anything remotely close to it in Persian… in Turkish I did but in Farsi? no!

  4. Quebecois French is sexy 😀

    Maybe people think Persian sounds like French coz of the ‘j’ sound, the ‘way we pronounced words ending in tion’, and the word merci

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  6. thats quite interesting.. I have some I ranian friends of my own, but come to think of it… hmmm never really focused on their accent/language..
    but its REALLy close to French…
    thanx for the great info

  7. your mom is wrong. Persian does not sound like Indian. Of course Iran conquered India 2 times and they use some persian english arabic indian words.

  8. @ sam: Mom wasn’t wrong. She was right

    From your attitude I would guess you are Iranian. I wish us Iranians would drop this mentality that we controlled the whole world at some point. If you had spent only a few seconds googling you would have found out that both farsi and urdu branched off from the same mother language: Indo-European.

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