Pictures of Abyaneh

I can’t sleep again 😀 ….and yes once again I created another masterpiece…this time it’s a video of the pix I took in Abyaneh.

Oh, once I get off my lazy ass, I’ll write a proper post about Abyaneh and it’s mesmerizing cultural/historical attractions. But to be honest with you, I have lost the book and the CD I bought over there with all the info!!!

So until my Angel of Lost and Found Items places them in my lap, please accept the video and this brief info for the time being:

Abyaneh has been nicknamed a living architectural and anthropological museum.

It is famous for its highly intellectual and educated people, their deep commitment to their traditional customs and attire, and the fact that they still speak Parthian Pahlavi amongst themselves. Parthian Pahlavi was a language spoken in NE Iran from 250 BC to226 AD, i.e a language that died out 2000 years ago.

You can’t help but get an eerie feeling walking through the streets of Abyaneh

PS. The song in the video is “Doroghataam Ghashange” by Naser

Don’t ask me what’s the song got to do with the video :O


4 thoughts on “Pictures of Abyaneh

  1. Beautiful photos doooooostam 😀

    I loved it, and the song was actually a very nice one.
    I should find it an download it, I remember I heard it in couple of weddings when I was younger.

  2. Hey lady, time to update!

    Hope all is well. It’s been a while that you haven’t updated your blog. I just thought I’d leave you a line. Be good!


  3. Maryam jooon Iran has soooooo many magical places worth visiting

    Arshia: So very very very shoowwwy….i didn’t mean to leave without letting you guys know…i was planning to update over there but couldn’t.

    A whole world of thanks for yr concern sweety 😀 😀

    I first heard the song in Morad Barghee and loved it since then. Did u manage to find the song?

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