Penang Hill

As promised here are some random pix of Malaysia:

One of my favorite places over there was Penang Hill. It was soooooo serene up there (about 830 meters above sea level) I remember thinking when I was taking an early morning walk up there (early for me is 8 o’clock) that this must be paradise. I mean, what else could one ask for? If it’s sound: all you heard were leaves dancing in the light breeze, monkeys swinging from branch to branch, and a alluring symphony sang by over 100 different species of birds. If it’s aroma: all you smelt were a tantalizing mélange of the forest, the sweet floras, and the plain freshness. If it’s the view, well here you go:

On the funicular railway on my way up to the hill. The trip up takes about 30 min.

On the funicular railway on my way up to the hill. The trip up takes about 30 min.

One of the walking paths up the hill. Most of bungalows up there used to belong to Englishmen during the 18th Century (colonial period)

I guess I shouldn’t have reduced the resolution on this pic so much, the info is hardly readable 😀

The canopy walk. Check out the sign: ‘Be silent’ :D…I’ll post sth related to this later

The stretch of the canopy walk. Well i gotta over my fear of height on this walk 😀

My little companion on the walk

A Hindu temple in adjacent to the mosque below. That’s something i really loved about Malaysia: different religions and ethnicities living next to each other in peace

The mosque

A panoramic view of Penang and George Town. You can see the bridge linking this island to the mainland on the left.


13 thoughts on “Penang Hill

  1. They are pretty. Also, I am glad you have had such a pleasant trip.

    Thanks for the photos.

    What is their religion? I expect the country to be multi religion one, is that correct?


  2. Malaysia is my neighbor country but I don’t know why I hadn’t time to visit it, the pictures are really awsome, I hope I will be able to visit that place someday!

  3. JR: (may i call u jr ;p ) yeah malaysia REALLY is beautiful. visit it stm

    Maryam: Malaysia is a muslim country though other religions can freely practice their religion. i’ll post more info soon. i just liked penang hill so much i wanted to post pic of it first 😀

    rieanne: a friend of mine keeps saying i should visit the Philippines soon 😀
    6 quirks huh, but but but i am perfect. how am i suppose to come up with 6 quirks ;p

    amu: he was also very subborn…wouldn’t leave…i had to wait 5 min for it to get out of my way!!!

    dr: more soon 😀

    niloofar: that’s my fav too 😀

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