The story behind 208


So, every time I give out my email I get the same big ?

And that big ? is WTH does 208 in it refer to.

Of course me being me, I never give out a straight answer. I always go, guess, take a wild guess.

Answers I have heard so far are:

1. My favorite number (nope that would be 11…don’t ask me why, I just like it…also have a crush on numbers 7 and 18)

2. Number of unread books I have (that number wud be closer to 308)

3. Number of seconds I can go without having Pringles (chocolate ice-cream maybe, but I could go a whole week without having Pringles)

4. No. of students I have butchered and buried in my basement (lost count of this one too—hahaha a student guessed this one)

5. Numbers of cups of tea I drink in a day (ok fine the person who guessed this knew me during the days I used to drink a lot of tea…now I only drink 7 cups a day—max)

6. Number of times I say WTH in an day (that might actually be correct 😀 😀)

Ok, so here’s story behind the 208 in my email.

See when I first wanted to set up and email account my first name alone was taken and so I had to add a number to it. Now the only number I wanted people to remember was 208—why? Well coz in those days in Iran I had a friend whose home phone number was soooo easy to remember…now this was before the mobile era in Iran—you know during the days when people actually memorized phone numbers.

Now, my phone number in those days was—I repeat, IN THOSE DAYS so no crank calls plz—was 2087365

So when I used to give out my number I used to say it’s the number of weeks in 4 years (208) + the number of days in a week (7) + the number of days in a year (365)

I know, I know, people used to give me the same look you are probable giving me now: HUH??!!

See most people knew the number of days in a week and number of days in a year but had no idea what  number of weeks in 4 years was…well since there are 52 weeks in one year so 208 in 4 years…I had to give this little math lesson every time. So I thought hey why not put the ‘208’ in my email to people remember better—so then I started saying, it’s the number in my email (208) +number of days in a week + number of days in a year.

Soon after I came up with this little formula, our phone number changed!!!


6 thoughts on “The story behind 208

  1. HAHA! You’re just amazing, that’s all I can say.

    LOL! I still set up some temporary passwords at school based on our old home phone number in Tehran, I’m sure noone knows it, and it’s a 7 digit number that I will never forget! But your story was much more interesting girlyyyy.

  2. rieaane: u smiling made me smile 😀

    arsh: aaah passwords are a totally different… i used to use our old house number in canada as a password 😀

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