YES, I survived, I’m alive, I’m alive…Phew… NOPE, I didn’t die…well not yet anyway

Let me start off by saying I am an excellent driver…I really am…NONE and I mean NONE of my accidents were my fault (despite the police reports :D)…and NONE of any future accidents I’ll ever be in will be my fault 😀

So, I leave the house at an hour I don’t normally leave, I take a route I don’t normally take, I make a turn that I don’t normally have to make…I hear a loud screeching noise, I turn and out of my window i see a view very similar to this view:

Now just imagine that you see a pic of a a woman driver (with much better hair than this driver) and she is in a White Jeep Liberty approaching me very very very fast




Well…since you are reading this so you probably know it wasn’t the end…but OH MY GOD…what a headache…I could have sworn after the clash my head flipped off my head and bounced off the window several times, then the roof and dashboard before clicking back on my neck.


[3 days later]

Now that my neurons had time to reconnect to my brain I have thunk out the following:

1. Why aren’t there any airbags on the side window…or better yet why aren’t car windows made of soft wobbly things so one would actually enjoy getting their head banged on…maybe something ticklish

2. Why can’t they make cars that detects when it is about to hit another car and then some kind of mechanism comes into play so it leap frogs over it. Aaahhh see if her car had leaped frogged over mine I would be sitting here grinning at the memory instead of going, ‘OUUUUUCCCCH MY HEAD, MOMMY DO SOMETHING” every 10 minutes.

3. So since the axiom goes: ‘Thou shall make a humongous life changing decision after a new death experience’ from now on I’m gonna drive a lot faster…seriously in both my accidents since coming to Kuwait my car was motionless…it’s other people that keep hitting me…so I saw the light…I’m enlightened… the message is that I gotta speed up!!

4. I’m gonna quit trying to lose weight…I mean if I were lighter I would have bounced around a lot more…guess that’s another advantage of being slightly over weight 😀

BTW, I would like to thank all those wonderful people who came to my aid right after the accident. I guess the care I sensed in the voice of these complete strangers spiritually helped to ease the pain. So thank you 😀


12 thoughts on “YES, I survived, I’m alive, I’m alive…Phew… NOPE, I didn’t die…well not yet anyway

  1. Oh my Goodness!!! I’m glad you’re OK.
    Take good care and take enough rest to feel better soon.
    Akheeeeeey, ziadi movazeb bash 😦

  2. Ehm…
    I will try not to picture it… I mean a car driving right up t me… weeeewwwwweeee!
    Get well soon and I back you on the moto of: “Speeding up”
    When I first started to drive my dad told me that I had to run a truck!!!! so no one would dare coming close to me! (I’m such a bad driver!) and I told him no need I would fly with my own 206!
    Since then dad does not let me touch his cars (well, honestly I am too lazy to fight and steal them 😀 )

  3. Holy cow ! that was close innit? BTW Honda makes side airbags …

    Now you can say ” even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of Death… I will fear no evil “

  4. arsh: mer30 azizam 😀 well it wud take at least a week for my car to be fixed so i guess that’s mandatory rest there 😦

    proshat: baba shokhee kardaam…slow down, PLEEEAASSSEEEE!!!..or at least only break the speed limit by only 20 km/h

    nomutter: khahesh mekonaam, een che farmayeshea…shoma khosh ghadameed :D…the real reason behind the accident is me day dreaming too much behing the wheel

    grey: what about ticklish windows? do they make those? ;p

    ya ammy the comment rss is working fine…i just checked it. you use google reader right? so i guess if you just click on the link on the right it should take you to the google add page. if not then try going to google reader and adding this to the part that says, “add subscription’:

  5. Hi Darya,

    I am glad you are ok while I had a chuckle reading your report.
    I just had a stupid, silly, car accident past week. I was baking off, she was baking off and then what I remember is a BANG and SHAKE, and SHOCK, and then I had to deal with a neighbor.

    It, also, was not my fault. I thought she was waiting for me to get out of the parking lot!!!

  6. Oh Darya, how horrible! Thanks be to God you are OK, even with a headache. No stitches? No scars? No hospitalization? All that is good.

    How did your car fare? Will the other woman pay for the damage? How was she?

  7. That must have been something. It’s great that you’re fine and have a new way at looking at life! – I totally agree with the losing weight idea – our bodies could maybe do the airbag functions in these situations!

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