My slanted perspective

I just read a comment on one of my flickr pictures that has got me wondering.

This is the pic:

This is the translation (comment was in Persian) of part of the comment:

… if you can just pay more attention to the framework (i.e. on some of your pics the object is cut off  unnecessarily, and in some pictures the image is not straight)

The part that really got me thinking was ‘in some pictures the image is not straight’. Arsh had also given me a similar advice on this pic:

So I went through my snapshots and realized that a LOT of them weren’t straight!!! WTH, how come I have never realized this before…..Hmmm, I wonder why? Do I really see the world slanted onto one side?

Here’s the output of the energy by brain burnt over this topic:

1. Maybe my camera is heavier on one side…yeah it’s not my perspective, it’s my camera

2. No, that can’t be it coz it’s not only my pics, even when I write I tend to slant down towards the end of my sentences

3. Heck, even when I stand I hardly ever stand straight, I always lean on one leg.

4. Maybe it’s coz my left brain is a lot heavier than my right brain so my head tends to sink to one side.

5. Or better yet, maybe it’s the earth’s magnetic pull…yeah maybe one side of my body has more iron so our good old earth has a stronger effect on it.

6. Oh hold on, I got it…maybe the world really is slanted to one side and I am the only one who has the supernatural ability to see the world as it really is.

The truth is finally out…we live in an unbalanced world…hehehehe


15 thoughts on “My slanted perspective

  1. hehe, you’re funny, you’re so funny.
    I was reading somewhere that unbalances shots have their own beauty.
    Seriously, this time that I saw the GolGol Roosari shot, I thought stupid of me to tell you to straighten it the other time. LOL!

  2. LOL
    what an amusing post ;>
    My pictures have to be dead straight ! Sometimes i take a slanted picture on purpose but it still has to be placed in just the right angle. Im a fanatic ;/

    Loved the 2nd picture!

  3. grey: hahaha…both pics are slanted…you have to look at the edge of the pic to notice

    maryam: so u have the supernatural ability as well ;p
    dandoon: what? that our world is not balanced?

    arsh: ghorbonet sweety :D…yeah some pix do look better slanted but that’s when the photographer does it on purpose…but the thing is i don’t notice that they are slanted…i am TRYING to take a straight shot!!!

    proshat: baba i am the queen of excuses 😀 😀

    Delicately Realitsic: would love to see some of your pics :D…yeah it’s artistic if you take lsanted pics on PURPOSE but with my pics they are just coz….well coz of my supernatural ability ;p

  4. dandooon: eeehhhh when i was in school newton had only came up with 1 law…so i gotta go and check what that dude’s second law was…hold on a sec

    [5 minutes later]

    “When a force acts upon a body, it imparts an acceleration proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body and in the direction of the force.”

    girl, i wasn’t pushing the bus 😀 😀 😀

    intlxpatr: welcome 😀 …maybe the commenter wasn’t talking about the pic i posted, coz he said on some of your pics, maybe he wasn’t referring to the bus one? hmmmm

    rieanne: it’s not the brain it’s the world…the more i think about it the more i am convinced we live in an unbalanced world

  5. lol!!

    maybe it wasnt his second law then. i dont remember. elmoehm the one i was referring to is ” Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so the forces in a system cancel and stay balanced”

  6. dandoon: hahaha i guess i gotta add Newton to the list of people i have pissed off 🙂

    amu: it’s not me, it’s the world i’m telling ya ;p ;p

    nomutter: nope they aren’t…i take it you have that magical ability as well ;p

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