Getting up


Yes I fell

…fell FLAT on my face

…and hit the cold hard floor

…so hard that my sweet little heart snatched out of the safe warm haven that had been safeguarding it for so long

Yes, that’s my heart you see on the floor

…clenching for some warmth

…yep that’s my heart…and…and…

…and is that a smile I see on my heart?

My heart is smiling?!!


The smile speaks…

It says, “I don’t belong on the floor”

No, it doesn’t…my heart doesn’t belong on any floor

And so, my heart marches back into its haven

…all proud of what it has achieved

…all proud of having fed my soul…with a novel nourishment…a nourishment my being had been so cautious of tasting till now

Yes, true it didn’t last

…but it was so powerful while it did that my whole essence has been revived

…and so…

that wall around the haven that guards my heart will not be built again



PS. Thanks sis for being my comfort food 😀 love ya to bits …MUUAAWH

7 thoughts on “Getting up

  1. to fall, sometimes is the best moment in one’s life I think!!! but of course it would not be a sweet feeling.

    If I dont fall, then how would I learn? mama always says “learn from others’ experiences” but I can never do that!

  2. amu: thanks dude

    grey: that’s true, but getting up sometimes needs time…but once you are up, you feel stronger

    dr: everything in life can be interpretued in a good or bad way 😉 so you didn’t say what were the good and bad ways

    eshda3wa: and the harder it is the better the lesson learned 🙂

    dandoon: yep, hobby of mine 😉

    nomutter: until one experiences things for themselves they won’t ‘feel’ the real lesson. hey btw, how have u been? long time…

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