I am a “Sweet Flower”

I took this pic of a Hibiscus (Malaysia's National Flower) in Cameron..or was this at the Hibiscus Garden in KL?...Damn my memory!!

Sweet like moi


So I am chatting online with a friend:


Me: LOL , ROFL, LOL ….You know what? I now officially crown you as The Food Queen.

Her: Ahhh, thanks, so now that I am knighted, what do I get?

Me: You have the honor of getting a link from me.

Her: Oh goody, [Darya] sharing a link, yipeeee…..

Me: [Ignoring her sarcastic tone] Here you go: 100 Things You Should Eat Before You Die


[20 minutes later, after going through the list one by one together]


Her: Hahaha, I have also tried no. 13 flowers.

Me: ….ooookkaaaay….guess I could also crown you as The Bizarre Queen.

Her: My friends and I tried chrysanthemum when we were kids.

Me: So what does it taste like?

Her: Sweet, it was a sweet flower.

Me: Hey, that’s my name…sweet flower.

Her: come again??!!

Me: My name in Persian translates to “Sweet Flower”. See my first name means Sweet, and my last name means what something is when it has been raised, and raise has a meaning similar to rise and the past tense of rise is rose and rose is also a flower; so there you go, my last name translates to flower. So I am a ‘Sweet Flower’.


The emotion she sent me then will remain censored :O


7 thoughts on “I am a “Sweet Flower”

  1. 😀
    You certainly are!
    You know my sister’s name means ‘sensitive flower’ and our sir name is related to twilight. So she calls herself in English:
    “Sensitive Twilightie”

  2. Amir: thanks for the link; interesting read 😀

    proshat: mer30 azizaam…c this is what we call fishing for complements 🙂 🙂 :)…me like yr sis’s name 😀

    amu: thanks amu dude…

    dandoon: hahaha, sure do 😀
    That pic was taken on Hala Febauary of this year; they had decorated with various lightings, it was beautiful

  3. Hey there 🙂 I’m very sorry for my late response, you commented on one of my posts in January, and it went in my spam box, and I didn’t see it until now! Thank you for your comment, and it truly is a great feeling to let go and just BE 🙂

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