Colors of Malaysia 2008

Ok, so I laid my fingers of these scrambled up keys, hoping that somehow they would start randomly pressing the letters to form a proper post.


Nothing was pressed.

My fingers laid there motionless.

Well since I couldn’t get any use out of the keys, I laid my thumb and index finger on the mouse pad…yep they got to work…the only thing they know how to do is copy and paste…I did that for my last post…so for this post I would copy and paste some pics from my trip to Malaysia…enjoy:

First set of pics: Colors of Malaysia 2008

So on the 24th of May the “Colours of Malaysia Festival” was held in Putrajaya. [I am gonna come back and add some info on this city and each pic later..forgive my laziness for the time being]



The festival was held in front of the Minister of Justice building. Here are the different facades of it throughout the festival:



The whole show was performed on this stage. Now since only the media and special invited guests were allowed to watch the show upfront, my friend and I sneaked in 😀 😀 😀 . But i had to be very careful so i didn’t budge from my seat, all the pics were taken from this angle and this distance. Luckily my camera has a good zoom so I was able to take some close up pics


It started off with a shadow play:


The VIP guests that night were The Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib and Tourism Minister Datuk Azalina Othman. Don’t know which one he is, i was passing by and snapped a pic of one of them:

And the whole festival ended with a spectacke display of fireworks:

Part one of my trip to Malaysia is here:


9 thoughts on “Colors of Malaysia 2008

  1. Really wonderful and interesting lighting were these. Great festival and carnaval you’d seen. Nice photos you’ve taken. Then they ask why Iran doesn’t develop?!

  2. Hey there!!!

    Lovely pictures!! I visited Malaysia about two years ago and found it facinating! 🙂

    LOL @ your copy-pasting

    (By the way this is Canc3rian)

    Miss ya loads!

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