An exchange of letters

I received this letter today:


Dear Darya,

When we first met, you were totally a different person; your dead aurora gave away the bleakness of your smile. I saw pass that; I befriended you. I befriended you at a time when people you thought cared about you began to shed away their mask and you saw their true faces. You were drowned in your dark reality…but I accepted you and stayed with you just as you were beginning to get out of the masquerade party you had been caught up in for so long. I held your hand the times you fell; it was my shoulder you cried on when you couldn’t even find a cold cement pillar to lean on. Wasn’t I? Wasn’t I the one who introduced you to your lost world; who brought you back to childhood sentiments? No one stood by you through your soul-stirring, and at times suffocating, whirlpool of a journey but ME. And this is the thanks I get??? Now that things are going smoothly, now that the fog has cleared; you ignore me??!! When was the last time you paid me a visit, huh? This is the thanks I get??!! How dare you? How dare you forget my birthday??!!! I honestly thought you were a better person.


No longer truly yours,
Your blog



Dear Blog,

Ouch, it seems someone is pissed off at me. And I deserve it L….eeh so happy belated birthday bloggy…

Yes you are right, we have been out of touch…well, I have been out of touch…dunno why communicating with you is so difficult now? It’s like we stopped speaking the same language…maybe its coz we have both changed. I guess we need to discover a new layer to connect with.

Thank you for your patience,



7 thoughts on “An exchange of letters

  1. Oh, dear darya, i hope u come soon to Iran and see the snows again 😉

    Yeah, when i was in heavy traffic in hemmat exp.way and in Shahrak-e-Gharb. 😀

  2. So, when you have a Birthday party, dont forget to invite the (not-so) regular readers of your blog 🙂 Even they have to be honoured

  3. happens. noone owes anything to anyone you know bloggy! if u did anything for anyone it was for your own good but now that Darya is nice to u try to respect. 🙂

    Nice to discover this place, n also congrats for yr nice English style.

  4. amir: everytime i go to iran it starts to snow as soon as i leave 😦

    ann: bloggy’s 2nd birthday was last month; way toooo late to celebrate it 😦 but you are always welcome to any celebration..2nite is yalda night so let’s eat away 😀

    bingala: very well put 😀 😀 You hear that bloggy? You got a certain sort of satisfaction from being nice to me so now bug off and let me be 😀 :D…eeehhh just kidding…i promise to visit u at least once a month from now on 😀

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