To pay or not to pay

I did something shocking today :O :O…I never thought I would stoop so low. In the 40150 hours I have spent online since WWW and I were first introduced I must have committed more unethical downloading acts than those 16-year-old dvd street vendors. I am ashamed to admit that today I actually PAID tried to pay for something.


*bows head down in shame*


Yep, the trial version of my Kaspersky expired so I had to renew…after searching for an hour for illegal activation keys..I finally gave up…hey if an anti-virus program can stop people from cracking it, then it must be good…and then a little voice inside my head went: “Weeeeellll, if you are pleased with their product, why don’t you reward their skill by PAYING for their service”


Yikes!!!! Where the hell did that voice come from??? I have never paid for any song I have downloaded, nor any film, or any program, heck before Kaspersky I had always used Norton and I never bought the code, so why now????


[10 minutes later]


check out this screenshot from the activation form of Kaspersky:



Apparently these Kaspersky people would only allow men or married women to use their applications ;p ;p … hmmmm on second thought maybe I should try to crack their code anyway…let’s see which i easier: get married so i could use Kaspersky, or have a sex change operation, or crack their application??? hmmmm?


UPDATE: Apparently Kaspersky has problems accepting paypal. See even when i want to do good, all forces are against me…it’s a sign

UPDATE 2: So apparently the dude reading email complaints/questions is waaaaaay too busy to read the actually email and just response with a generic solution…it’s either an auto-response, or a man…stm it’s hard to tell the difference ;p

UPDATE 3: I gave up trying to use paypal and just paid up theKD 23 ($59.95) for a year subscription directly through their site….congrats Darya for your first ever ethical act online 🙂


2 thoughts on “To pay or not to pay

  1. lol ! You are not the only one , recently i downloaded Eagles – Long road out of eden … but then i really went out and bought the CD.. felt good..

    BTW im GREY ,… this is my other blog 😛

  2. I have only once bought an original CD and it was as a gift…i couldn’t find the cd and songs otherwise i would have downloaded them ;p

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