Burger King ad is my sign

So lately I have been toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian…first I decided to only stay away from meat on weekends, except for chicken, grounded meat and shawaremas 😀

Two days ago I decided to switch the meat-allocated days and only have meat on weekends. No meat at all on weekdays…red meat that is–chicken is way too yummy to pass up.

As I was contemplating the possibility of just maybe thinking about going ahead with the diet switch I saw this ad in the ArabTimes:



WTH??!!! ONLY FOR MEN???!!! Seriously what kind of ad is that? Basically you are telling half the population to stay away from your product??!!! What was Burger King thinking??….but it was a sign form me…so mind made up…from now on I’ll be a vegetarian on weekdays…(except for chicken)


6 thoughts on “Burger King ad is my sign

  1. i wonder if any dude has ever seen this ad and said to himself, “Oh goody, a meal only for my gender, this is the best thing since slice bread” and then runs off to buy every single whopper sandwich in BK

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