let me sue, let me sue



I got up today around 9:30 with 1 question on my mind: Is it normal to sleep 16 hours on weekends and 11 hours on weekdays?

Ok, I got another question now: Is it normal to STILL feel sleepy afterwards?

If it’s not normal than I gotta sue someone…something must be in the air or in the food I eat that is making me feel this drowsy these days…


[5 minutes later]


I just had a good laugh at myself. Apparently, I have been told that one of my catchphrases is, “I (or you) should sue them.” 😀 ….Okay, I never seriously mean it, but wouldn’t it be fun to sue the skin* off someone over an absurd ground.

Some of the people I wanted to sue in the past were:


1. the inventor of high heels every time I get sore feet

2. the inventor of pizza for making it taste so good that I can’t stop till I have had 1 complete medium size—thin crust of course—in 10 minutes

3. the person in charge of population control for not during their job properly and making me feel like a sardine among 200 others in a 5 cm tin every time I went to Engalab Square in Tehran

4. my gut feelings every time I misjudge someone (yep suing myself)

5. the inventor of the remote control for giving my brother the power to whizz throw 500 channels in 1 minute and thus my an irking headache


But today I came across a list on The LIST UNIVERSE (love this site) on “Top 10 Bizarre or Frivolous Lawsuits”.

Check out this case:

No. 7 Holy Roller Vs Magicians

This is a true case of believe it or not. Christopher Roller, a resident of Minnesota sued David Blaine and David Copperfield – demanding that they reveal their secret magic tricks to him. He demanded 10% of their total income for life. The reason for the suit is that Roller believes that the magicians are defying the laws of physics, and thereby using godly powers. But it gets worse. Roller is suing not just because the magicians are using God’s powers – he is suing because he thinks he is God and therefore it is his powers they are stealing.


PS. I digress again…I was gonna post about sth else, dunno how it ended up being about suing…and i forgot what i initially wanted to talk about ;p


5 thoughts on “let me sue, let me sue

  1. loooooool at that wacko case!!

    aham shay believes he is God and stealing his power!

    just when you think they cant be anymore absurd, they surprise you yet again 😉

    ps: its not normal to finish a medium thick crust pizza alone? i do it all the time =\

  2. omg that god thing :S weiiiiiird…. it would be even weirder if he won by using some amazin lawyer :S

  3. yes of course it is normal.. I usually sleep 13 hours in the weekend if I am not obligated by something! If you are not working or in a vacation then it is also normal to sleep for 12 hours!
    despite sleeping for long, what make you feel sleepy again is that you spent lots of hours sleeping. on the other hand, sleeping to much just make us feel sleepy and tire! if you control your sleeping like for example force your self to wake up after 6 hours, within a month or more you will get use to it! and your sleeping pattern will change after all.
    For me If I slept 4 hours I would wake up fresh and never late for work! but if I spent more hours I find it hard to wake up!

  4. dandoon: thank God for wacko people for our lives wud be boring without them ;p….1 medium size thick crust pizza on your own? You go guuuurlll….:) 🙂 yeeeahh

    grey: I am moving to India 😀

    chainreaction: or with 12 bonehead juries

    technogal: so bottomline, i can’t sue anyone for sleeping long hours :(…damn…i gotta think of another get rich quick scheme..hmmm

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