Hectic week: Work and Sony Reader

Here’s a free word of advice: Be careful what you wonder about coz the opposite might just happen to you!!!

So a couple of posts back I wondered if it is normal to sleep 16 hours and still feel sleepy afterwards…well guess forces of nature thought it would be fun for me to discover what it would be like to sleep only 2.5 hours a night for 3 nights and NOT feel sleepy afterwards!!!

Yep, last week was kinda hectic, here are the highlights:



Had 2 project proposals to write and prepare a sales presentation for a major deal

TIP: If you looking for good animated smartart templates and designs for a powerpoint presentation, check out microsoft’s own site. You can download them by going to the “New” option in powerpoint-scroll down to the presentation templates—choose “Example Slide Effects with Instructions”

What pissed me off: So my Windows-Vista decided to update itself and download a patch that keeps warning me that my office applications aren’t genuine…get off my back Vista—I Just paid KD 18 online for a genuine copy of Kaspersky and then realized I could have gotten it for : Kd 8 at the Infoconnect exhibition here in Kuwait…my days of paying for genuine softwares are over

My baby arrived

My Sony Reader 700 arrived 🙂 🙂 … my poor baby was held at customs for more than 2 weeks and I had to pay around KD 25 to clear it…but who cares it’s here, it’s here

What pissed me off: Those people at customs had opened it so I wasn’t the first person it saw when it was taken out of the box…I hope it didn’t mistake that custom dude for its papa 😦 😦

TIP: If you are thinking of getting a reader but are stuck between a kindle and a Sony Reader; here’s the main difference between them:

Kindle wins coz–the glare on the sony is a LOT; the kindle’s display looks just like a paper page, hardly any reflection or glare

The Sony wins coz—you can view any pdf format and word documents. On the kindle you would have to convert the pdf and word files before transferring them which for me is quite a hassle.

TIP 2: So my mom also wants her own Sony Reader to read Persian books. There are absolutely no Iranian stores here in Kuwait that sells Persian books…so here’s a site that has a rich collection of Persian ebooks: http://www.parstech.org

Glare of Sony Reader 700

Glare of Sony Reader 700

There are other minor differences between the Kindle 2 and Sony Reader 700:

1. Sony Reader is touch screen (imp for me)

2. Kindle 2 is a LOT slimmer and lighter than the Sony Reader 700 (but for me I like the weight of the Reader; makes it feel more like a book)

3. Kindle 2 has a 3G wireless feature (but it doesn’t work in Kuwait)

4. Kindle 2 has a built-in dictionary (wished Sony had this feature)

5. Kindle 2 has a Text-to-Speech feature; you can get the device to read any material to you (it’s not a human voice, don’t know about you but I am not too much into a robot reading me a bedtime story ;p)


17 thoughts on “Hectic week: Work and Sony Reader

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  4. I still prefer regular books… with paper ;p

    but I suppose it’s a good idea if I can put my lecture notes on it and write on them.. would me much easier than carrying 2 files 😉

  5. dandoon: it is…i’m reading more often coz of it…hope the novelty doesn’t wear off

    aurous: but, but, think of all the trees :O :O

    u can put ALL yr uni books on it, bookmark pages, add notes, search yr books and notes, add pics, listen to audio books or songs…honestly it bets paper books…AND the trees wud love u ;p;p

  6. سلام
    خوشحالم يه ايراني ديگه پيدا كردم كه از سوني ريدر استفاده ميكنه.
    با من تماس بگيريد

  7. 2.5 hours a night for 3 nights!!! which means you only slept 7.5 hours during the three days! believe me 6 hours is awesome you’ll be able to wake up fresh, and have good amount of time sleeping..you’ll get use to it by time.

    never heard about Sony Reader!? however am gonna check it soon.

    I wanted to have Kindle 2, but still I didn’t get any good answer for my question! does it work in a wireless network that requires a wep key? What I know, in the U.S they can purchase and download books through free wireless network, and I know it wont work here in Kuwait. but what I really wanna know, what if I want to purchase a book from the Internet, am I going to be able to do it through my wireless network at home, which requires a wepkey? I did send them and ask about this issue, but they didn’t really get my question right, and told me it is free of charge and you don’t need to use other networks 😦

  8. sony reader: bebakhsheed ke english type meknaam…type farsi instal nakaardaam….mer30 az tamazeh shoma…va mer30 az linky ke tu blogetaan dary…mardaraamo khely khooshhaal kardy

    technogal: trust me, i made up for my shortage of sleep the next day 🙂

    I colleague of mine has the kindle; so before getting the sony reader i asked her the same question.She said the wireless doesn’t work AT ALL in q8. That’s why i ended up gettng the sony; well that and the fact that u can view .doc format in the sony…so i have most of my work documents with me all the time

    The main reason the kindle is so popular in the States is this wireless feature, so what’s the point of getting it if it doesn’t work in q8?

    Oh, and on some sites people complain that the Sony has less ebooks than the kindle. That is not true, u can view ANY ebook format (as far as i know) on the Sony, it doesn’t have to be a sony book; whereas with the kindle is has to be a kindle format.

  9. You are right! It does not connect wirelessly via other networks! The only possible way is to download the books from amazon using your laptop and then transfer them to kindle via the USB connection. 7asafa!!!

  10. So what you are saying is that the Sony will work in q8? and where do you download your e-books from?
    Thanks for the info..

  11. technogal: on the sony u can transfer the books on a usb connection or from an sd memory card

    sonia: sony doesn’t have the wireless feature for it to work

    u can download ANY ebook from ANY ebook site and read them on the sony reader OR any office word documents..if u google ‘ebooks’ u can get loads of sites. most popular one is: http://www.ebooks.com

    BUT, if u like me. are cheap (;p ;p ;p) and hate paying for things if u can get it for free (;p ;p ;p) here are a couple of places u can get free ebooks (though some aren’t good quality)

    1. I get most of mine from this facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=16999812468

    2. this site even has free kindle format ebooks: http://manybooks.net/

    3. http://www.planetpdf.com/free_pdf_ebooks.asp

    4. http://www.freebookspot.org/

    5. http://www.planetebook.com/

    6. http://www.freeebooks.info/

    These are some links from that facebook group:

    1. http://www.4shared.com/account/home.jsp

    2. http://www.4shared.com/dir/6468791/d221dba/sharing.html

    3. novels: http://www.4shared.com/dir/6468791/d221dba/sharing.html

    4. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=16999812468&topic=5201

    5. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=16999812468&topic=6255

    If you the patience to go through the links in that facebook group you would find tons of fiction as well as non-fiction books in various topics ALL for free.

    And if like audio books (which also works on the Sony) u can find some on this facebook group:


    link to other sites: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/20-best-websites-to-download-free-e-books/

    and if u google “free ebooks” u wud fine loads of other sites as well…unfortunately most newly published books aren’t free 😦

    Have fun ebooking 😀

  12. I download all my books from 4shared. Does anyone positively know if you can download books straight from 4shared to Kindle or Sony? Has anyone had any experience with this?

  13. WELL , first im wondering if i can wake up in the morning and find this huge handbag with 10 million kd in it ;p ” crossing my fingers ”

    and for the EBOOK i will wait till Amazon update this stupid Kindle to work in Kuwait 😦 , i guess i should wonder abt that too ;p

  14. @fatima: careful, the opposite will happen 😀 😀 …well, did the 10 million :D…i was told the new kindle does work in Kuwait, but i’m not sure

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