A World Without Chocolate?

Forget the trees, forget the climate change, and forget those poor penguin having to see their homes melt, if any of you gals still needed to be convinced to go green, here’s one for ya: IF YOU DON”T, THERE WOULD BE NO MORE CHOCOLATE.

Here’s an excerpt from an article from ABC:


Scientists say that now it is chocolate’s sustainability that needs to be monitored. The Ghana-based Nature Conservation Research Center warns that chocolate may become as rare and expensive as caviar within 20 years.


A number of factors, including climate change, are affecting the farming and production of cacao, or the cocoa plant.


But for all you chocoholics, before you go and hoard all those candy bars, top chocolate companies like Mars and Cadbury are doing something about it.


God bless Mars and Cadbury…I guess ww3 won’t be fought over water, power, oil, or land…it would be over this:



8 thoughts on “A World Without Chocolate?

  1. a…. world…. without…. chocolate….!
    is that even possible?!!!

    but… they can’t take away the chocolate… It’s the most best bestest thing in the world!

    I don’t care what the world’s scientists have to do, but they HAVE to find a way to keep the cocoa plant alive.

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