one down…a couple more to go

Well if life is all about clearing your path of all those little bumps, boulders and imbeciles then I just got a step closer. I just kicked an itsy bitsy pebble out of my way…yep…I am now a proud owner of an whole choice of Office 2007 without that annoying “Your product is not genuine” notice…in your face Bill Gates 😀 😀 😀

I am humbly gratefully to our office IT support guy for this patch.

Run this DOS command at C:\>
MsiExec.exe /uninstall {B148AB4B-C8FA-474B-B981-F2943C5B5BCD}
You will be prompted if you are sure you want to unistall. Click ‘Yes’
This will unistall the OGA notifier 1.7.0105.35.0 described on this blog.
Works for vista and XP.

Dunno where he found this command so can’t give credit to the original saviour 🙂


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