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Day 156

Hi Mom,

It’s been 156 days since your departure. I’ve finally found a way to deal with my new reality. I Talk…i talk to you…like we used to…I went shopping last week…first time I walked into our favorite shop…but you didn’t like anything I picked so I didn’t get anything…usually you would go and get me something off a rack somewhere I didn’t even notice and say, here try this…and I would…and it would be perfect…I waited for you to do the same this time…

Yeah, I know you are mad at me for the other day…hehehe…I sometimes do things on purpose just to hear you scream at me like old days…remember how the first you always do when you get into my car is check the gas gauge to see if i need to refuel or not…well I let it go empty on purpose, just to hear you scream at me again 😀 😀 :D…and would you believe it…I actually DID hear you again….it worked

By the mom, I found that Essa Health Store in Salmiya finally…

And don’t worry, we are taking good care of your car; though I myself am not ready to sit in it, but I make sure Shahram switches it on every once in a while so the batteries don’t die. The insurance needs renewing though

Hey, don’t worry about Shahram; I am taking good care of him, I know, I know, I always did complain that you’re spoiling him rotten but I was wrong…he’s your little baby but proving to be a strong man

Mom, I need your advice…work related…I am not happy at work…remember the last thing we talked about your last night in Kuwait? Well, same issue…this time I think it was the last straw…what should I do?

Oh, am really sorry for not putting up your picture any where in the house yet…am still not ready…but I am getting there

Love you,