Day 159

Dear Mom,

Well mom, I got your message. I resigned.

Azi wants me to go to Tehran. I am not sure I would. You know how much I despise Tehran right now…it was the city that ‘took’ you.

But I guess I must eventually face it…I have to relive the scenes of heading towards Kuwait airport, of escorting you while they took you out of the ambulance and into the plane on a stretcher, of getting your oxygen capsule prepared for you on the plane, of landing in Tehran airport, of getting you on a stretcher and onto the ambulance, of heading straight into the city and hospital. Remember how when Roya apologized for not bringing flowers you smiled and said, “No need, you yourself are a flower.”?

I guess Azi is right…I have to go back to Tehran…I would never find my peace till I do come to terms with it.


I wasn’t sure I would go till I started writing this to you…thanks for helping me decide…again

I’ll come

I’ll re-live those scenes once more


3 thoughts on “Day 159

  1. It’s been a long time . . . do you remember me? I knew you as Darya, as Magical Droplets . . .

    I haven’t been back for a while, but oh! Now I have read through these searing, heartfelt posts and your pain makes me wish I were there, and could hug you and cry with you and take you out for coffee.

    Writing these letters, talking with your Mom . . . I think it is so healthy. I can’t imagine what you have been through, but I see your Mother in you, her wisdom, her strength, and her courage.

    My prayers are with you, dear one.

  2. @ hopeless romantic: Thanks for your symanthy

    @intlxpatr: of course i remember you. Thank you for your kind words and wishes.

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