NBK sucks!!

Where: NBK Salmiya Branch

Who: NBK Manager

When: This morning

What did she say: It’s best you file a complaint against us at the police station!!


Background to the story:

So I go to deposit KD 600 in my account using their ATM on a Wednesday night. After the stupid machine took my money it gives me an error signal and says I should contact my nearest branch. So I do. I go to my nearest branch after the Eid holiday and the customer representative takes all the details except for the EXACT TIME. I couldn’t remember the exact time, it was a whole week ago. All I remembered was that is was after dark on the Wednesday before Eid.

So she calls me the next day:

Her: Ma’am, which ATM was it?

Me: The one on the right.

She calls again the next day

Her: Ma’am, you have to remember the EXACT TIME.

Me: I have a terrible memory. I don’t remember the EXACT TIME.

Her: But You have to; I checked until 4 in the evening and couldn’t find it.

Me: We’ll, it was after 4; it was dark.

Her: Ma’aam I can’t check all those hours. It’s too much paper I have to print. Give me the EXACT TIME.

Me: So, you are telling me I have lost my KD 600 because it is too much work to find the error the ATM machine made?? What am I suppose to do now? Go to the central bank?

Her: no, no, no, need. But if I don’t find it you would have to talk to my manager.

She didn’t call me for 4 working days!!

So this morning I go to the bank again. After being made to wait for 35 minutes, another customer representative takes me to her manager.

NBK Manager: Ma’am, you have to tell us the EXACT TIME.

Me: [huge sigh]: If I knew the EXACT TIME, why do you think I would hide it from you??? I don’t know the EXACT TIME.

NBK Manager: Well, you have to try to remember it. We will try to search again from 3 pm to 3 am on Wednesday. But if we can’t find it, it’s best that you file a complaint with the police station!!

Okay, my question is this: How many errors do you get on that ATM per day? If it’s less than 10, it should take you 5 seconds to find it. If it’s more, there’s something wrong with your system, update it!!! I am going to leave Kuwait in about 3 weeks, I don’t have time to file a complaint!!!!

PS. I wonder who I pissed off that Karma is getting back at me by making my life cross paths with these imbeciles at NBK


10 thoughts on “NBK sucks!!

  1. OMG! just the other day i was shoving KD300 in ATM and by the time i reached 280KD my heart was pounding so bad.. i was wondering ‘what if this stupid machine shows an error now’…

    I feel bad for you Darya.. 600KD is a huge amount.. to bad a bank like NBK has staff that don’t care about customers.. Shame !!

  2. This is really ridiculous. Thank God I don’t have to deal with any Kuwaitis in Kuwait!
    Please let us know the follow up on the 600 KD.

  3. NBK sucks, I agree. I don’t know why its the first bank in the Middle East, as they said!?. How come!

    Its their fault. And they have to deal with it. I believe you have to keep working on this issue until you get your 600$ plus a Financial Compensation.

    make us up-to-date on your issue, please 🙂

  4. Our sincere apologies for the way the branch acted. It was a mistake from our end. We are taking the necessary action to ensure similar incidents don’t get repeated in the future. Please note the money has been deposited to your account.

    NBK Customer Service

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  6. @Grey: Hey, long time. How are you? How’s your son? He must be almost 3 now, right?…yeah I would be careful with those ATMs if i were you 😀

    @Kambiz: Phew, it was sorted out 😀

    @Roberto: Just updated 😀

    @NBK customer service: Thank you for your comment. Honestly it means a LOT.

  7. Hi
    yes it is true that #NBK has long history of sucking and keeping peopele’s money.I know quite few cases that this bank keeps customers money and delaying in transactions. Like one of my friends deposited money on 26th of may 2011 to clear her loan but despite her few visits to diffrent branches after 4 weeks they have refunded her money instead of depositinging in her loan account. What is the reason behind this delay? to make interst on her loan. This bank should be banned for this type of bad practices.
    Iam thinking to write a blog especially ‘NBK sucks’

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