NBK Update: NBK Rocks

I thought I had already posted this; apparently it was stuck in draft..my bad


What: Related to last post

Time: A couple of hours after publishing the post

Who: NBK

I was contacted by the wife of the former Head of the Customer Service Manager of NBK. Now, she doesn’t work for NBK nor does her husband anymore. But I guess his sense of responsibility and care for NBK is so strong that it even his family members care.

So, she got all the details from me (oh, and get this, she DID NOT ask me for the EXACT TIME). She called her husband, who called his former colleagues and got them to sort out my problem.

I got home that night and noticed there was a comment by a customer service representative on my previous post and the next morning I checked my account and lo and behold, the money was there!!

I was shocked!!!

So, here’s the story of two managers: The present branch manager of the Salmiya branch tells me to go to the police to have my problem solved; the former Head of Customer Service of NBK solves it for me in less than half a working day.

It’s true, the reputation of any organization is in the hands of its people. I was about to go and close all my accounts at NBK because of the words of one manager, but now I believe they have the best customer service because of the actions of another.


I also received a call from an employee at my NBK branch who apologies for the inconvenience…no not that same employee one who told me she can’t help me because it is too much paper work!! It was someone named Adel. Thank you Adel. And thank you NBK

I’ll be moving to London in 2 weeks and sincerely hope the staff over there are more like Adel and less like that Ms. EXACT TIME.


9 thoughts on “NBK Update: NBK Rocks

  1. Thanks for the Update Darya.
    Glad everything worked out for you.
    Have a good trip back to the UK (As I understand, you are leaving us to go back to the UK).
    Take care and God bless

  2. knowing how strong you are and how skillfully and emotionally sound you handled your tragedy last year, I’m sure you can take care of your “Hurdle” with no problem whatsoever.

    Hope you continue to write your weblog. I, for one, learned a lot from it. I’m sure that many others feel the same.

    I’ve got 2 more years of contract here in Kuwait and Then back to the U.S as well.

    God bless and keep us informed of you

  3. Hey Darya,

    Good to hear about your result at NBK!

    I hadn’t realised you were leaving to go to Britain. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck in your new adventure.

    Take care of yourself and look forward to your updates from UK.


  4. @ kambiz and ab: thank you both for your well wishes and for checking up on me this past year. Your encouraging words and thoughts always made me smile. It’s a warm feeling to know someone out there is thinking of them. And once again, thank you both for sharing your stories with me.

  5. i had the same problem just before Eid Alfeter , the machine swallowed 1,400 kd , and when i called them they asked me to wait , 4 or 5 days later the money has been deposited back to my account , i just love dealing with them ๐Ÿ™‚ , have a nice trip , LUCK ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. @bended spoon: dunno why time and I don’t usually get along ;p

    @fatima: honestly they are without a doubt the best company i have ever dealt with…which is why i was surprised the Manager acted that way

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