Happy Birthday Mom :)

Hi Mom,

Happy 60th Birthday Mom 🙂  … Yeah, yeah, I know, you left this world almost 100 weeks ago, but technically it is still the anniversary of when you first step foot into this world. Don’t know why people stop having birthday parties for people who are no longer physically with us? Anyhoo, I can’t go to your favorite restaurant to celebrate (not being in Kuwait anymore and all)…but I am determined to celebrate it…with loads of cheesecake :))

Mom, you would be happy to know I am no longer angry at God or blame anyone on anything…and you have started to talk when you appear in my dreams…before you used to more like floating through the scenes of my dreams…now you are more solid.

Which brings me to why I am writing to you…well, you know how you always used to whip my [beep] into shape when I was hibernating? …well, need that whip again 🙂 My MBA dissertation is due in less than 2 months and I still haven’t worked on my questionnaire or set up the interviews!! I just can’t concentrate! Nothing is on my mind…just enjoying London’s clouds too much 🙂 Every time I sit down to work, my mind wonders in all sorts of zigzag directions…like always, I need you…need you to give me that ‘look’ ;p … Can’t believe I’m 37 and still need to receive the ‘look’ from my mommy 😉

Anyhoo, I’m going to the Bloomsburry Festival tomorrow, so I only have Monday to finish the first two chapters; they are both due on Tuesday….HELP, pleeeeeaseee 🙂


Seriously hoping I don’t sound insane,





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