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Only brand I’m loyal to

My first and only love is making a comeback

I’m the kind of consumer that doesn’t really care for brands–(except for one); I switch easily, all I care for is that I get the best possible deal for the best quality…right now I am an Android user but only because I like to customize my phone…(and coz iPhone fans are douche bags ;p)…but I’m still in love with my old phone–it was a Nokia…her name was Nikki (I name all my products)…she got kidnapped 😦 … so I got Henry (my new HTC)…Henry is nice and all, but he’s no Nikki…I miss Nikki…Nikki belonged to the only non-blood related family I am loyal to—NOKIA

And Nokia is making a come back 🙂

It launched Lumia yesterday in London 🙂

I can’t remember where I heard this, but they say, Nokia may not be sexy, but it’s that old reliable trustworthy boyfriend you always turn to when you need a warm hug…Nokia is a friend…it may not be the friend you like to spend most of your time with, but it’s the most reliable friend you will ever have 🙂

Here’s the vid of their launch:


Nokia UK – Nokia Lumia Live





PS. A little advice to my old friend, if you can learn anything from Apple is that marketing is all about creating a personal experience at the mass level…the best way to do that is to give your brand a face…iphone had Steve Jobs (RIP), McDonald’s has Ronald, KFC has the colonel Sanders…Nokia needs to find a charming charismatic personality to be the its face.

…and just like that, 2 years have passed

Dear Mom,

It was two years ago today; two years.

Two years since you took you last breath…though, you had bid your farewell 4 days prior to that. You knew you only had four days left; the last time you were able to clearly communicate, you told us…individually..we weren’t allowed all in the room…you said your goodbyes…but I didn’t say it back…I still believed you will win this battle again…till two days after that day…it was two years and two days ago it dawned on me you are not going to win this time…how did I know? Well, one thing you learn after living in a cancer ward for 9 months is when someone’s soul is about to’s in their eyes mostly…and their hands…cold hands…hollow eyes…I came in your room, I knew you felt my presence but didn’t open you eyes, I took your hands to massage it…they were cold, i dropped your hands, I opened you eyes…it was empty…that’s when I knew, you had two days…I phoned Afshin and Arash, and told them..two days! That’s how long it took…two days…and you knew…you had told us so.


I still have the last piece of writing you wrote on that 4th day;

I still have your mobile;

I still have the shoes you wore when we transfered you from Kuwait’s hospital to Iran

I still have the slippers you wore in the hospital

…and I still have those little spiral blue notebooks you bought 2 dozens of because you loved writing down notes


The only thing I haven’t been able to touch in the past two years, is the last note you wrote

I will, soon…the thing is, everytime I think I am ready, I …


Dad and sisters called today…they had just come from visiting you…I haven’t been since we last bid farewell…to me you are not there…you are not…you can’t be…

Top 5 myths about London

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
Samuel Johnson

Known by some as the capital of the world, London is a world in itself. Though not everything people know about it is true, and not all that is true is known about it. Here’s a list of what I think are the top 5 myths about London:

1. LONDON BRIDGE: Like most people I always thought this is London Bridge:

So on my first day I asked for directions to ‘London Bridge’ and was directed to an ordinary looking bridge (I don’t believe I have ever taken a pic of London Bridge). When I got there I cursed the dude who gave me directions!! From that bridge I did see the above bridge and went aha, there it is. It took me a whole 2 weeks to realize the bridge that dude had directed me to was in fact London Bridge and the bridge above is actually called “Tower Bridge” 🙂

Well, I didn’t feel too stupid coz not even google knows the difference 🙂 If you search for a google image of “London Bridge” you’ll get this:

The 6th picture is correct. All others are pictures of Tower Bridge


2. People Speak British English accent:  Not only would you hardly ever hear a British accent in London, you would hardly hear English in London–hell, any accent!! I kid you not! Though, when I say London, I’m mostly talking about central London.

3. It rains a lot: It doesn’t! Yes, I never leave the house without an umbrella, but that’s not because it rains a lot, it’s because we frequently have unexpected showers. It’s not heavy rain and it only lasts 5-10 min.

4. It is usually foggy: Some of my favorite shows growing up was Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, and Miss Marple. Usually London is depicted as misty/foggy and sort of scary/dreamy. Maybe it was like that in the past, but since I have been here I have only seen one foggy night…and that was on Guy Fawkes night, so I’m still not sure if it was fog or smoke from the bon fires 🙂

5. Fish and Chips is a typical British Dish: Don’t mean to be picky here, but actually fish and chips is originally Portuguese 🙂

Next post, top tips about visiting London 🙂

UPDATE: 14/11/11…London’s weather took offense apparently, it has been foggy all day today!

UPDATE 20/11/11 … Okay fine, I take back what I said baba. Today British Airways had to cancel about 50 flights due to the fog!!

The problem with having an open mind…

“The problem with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and putting things in it.”
Terry Pratchett

Except for the nine years I lived in Iran, I have always lived/studied and worked in a multicultural environment. Though none were as diverse as London. Not only there are more diversity in nationalities and ethnic groups, there are more diversity in the social class within the same ethnic group. Yeah, there were loads of [enter ANY nationality here] in Kuwait, but they were more or less from a similar background…not so much so here in London. You’ll encounter the whole range of spectrum of human thoughts and ideology here.

Now, having grew up with people from various backgrounds I had thought I had seen it all. I mean when it comes to religious views, politics, philosophy, etc, I thought I had had debates from every possible angle…never thought I would hear a perceptive that would LITERALLY make my jaw drop!

So I was on a bus having a casual conversation with a fellow student. And here’s how it went:

HIM: By the way Noushin, have you been to the Natural History Museum

ME: Yeah, but not worth going more than once, the best thing about it is the building itself, the architecture is amazing, I have probably taken more than …

HIM: But I heard there are dinosaur bones there

ME: [Thinking he is a bit too old to get excited about dinosaurs] …oh, yeah there are…several in fact

HIM: So it’s real!

ME: [Wondering if is asking or just surprised]..eeeeeh, yeah! [Now wondering if I should be asking or be surprised that he is surprised]

HIM: But, but, so what Darwin said is true?

Now, a little explanation…this classmate I was talking to was …or still is…i’m a little cloudy on the details.. well, a priest. I had totally forgotten, I mean it’s not everyday one of your classmates turns out to be a priest. And I certainly didn’t want to get into a religious debate, so I said:

ME: Well, dinosaurs don’t necessary prove or disapprove Darwin theory.

HIM: But it does show that such animals existed

ME: You mean dinosaurs?

HIM: yeah

ME: [Okay does he doubt the theory of evolution or the existence of dinosaurs?] eeh, I don’t follow.

HIM: Well, how do you know that dinosaurs really did exist?

ME: You think the existence of dinosaurs is a hoax?


ME: [Trying my best not to look shock] Oh, …eeeh, well, ….eeeeh…maybe…oh, look my stop!

Honestly, as I said, I always try to keep an open mind, hey if people have theories different from mine, it’s coz of their upbringing, their experience, their religion, culture, etc…but i have NEVER thought there are people out there who think dinosaurs are a hoax.

So a couple of days later I was telling this little anecdote to another acquaintance. And here’s how it went:

ME: So the guy actually doubts the existence of dinosaurs!!

HER: Well, you know, he is right.

ME: [My jaw fell down so hard and far I still haven’t been able to close my mouth since then]..but, but, there are fossils and bones, and..

HER: But how do you know they are not fake?

ME: [jaw drops further] But why would anyone pull a hoax like this?

HER: For money. It has attracted a attention, hasn’t it. Think of all the movies, toys, exhibitions…people pay a lot to see something like that. But how do you know really know they actually existed

Yes, there are all kinds of people in this world, with all sorts of ideas, and just when you thought you had heard them all, in comes TWO people who doubt the existence of dinosaurs! …oh, and these two people were from different nationalities, religion, continent, social class, and age group.

So, did dinosaurs really exist?


Shhh, come closer and I’ll let you know me deep dark secret…my name is Noushin and I’m a procrastinator! 😦

Well, I haven’t always been a procrastinator, I jumped on this joyful ride only a year ago…and yes, I really do enjoy it 🙂 Let me give you an example of my joyful deeds: Clocks were set back here in London, well, let’s see, maybe two weeks ago, and still I haven’t told my alarm..yeah, so it wakes me up an hour early every morning, but most mornings I don’t hear it anyways, so it’s all good 🙂

But recently, it beginning to cost me…I had to pay 7.80 pounds for library overdue books, 60 pounds to NBK coz of forgetting my pin number, my NI form mught be refused coz I forgot to mail the application on time, oh, and of course my thesis is way behind 🙂

Now, the other thing with me is that I need some ancient civilization to set me straight…and since this 11/11/11 is somehow related to the Mayans, I have graciously allowed them to help me jump off this merry little ride I am on. Yep, on this date, I am going to do the following:  1. Once a while, make an attempt at maybe getting off at certain stops on my joyful ride on the Procrastinating Train (some call it the Lazy Train), 2. start learning how to make firefox apps (saw an article about that and thought, hey why not), and 3. relaunch this blog!

Number 3…tick

UPDATE: Number 2=tick…okay, it wasn’t firefox, but chrome. This made it look easy: