Shhh, come closer and I’ll let you know me deep dark secret…my name is Noushin and I’m a procrastinator! 😦

Well, I haven’t always been a procrastinator, I jumped on this joyful ride only a year ago…and yes, I really do enjoy it 🙂 Let me give you an example of my joyful deeds: Clocks were set back here in London, well, let’s see, maybe two weeks ago, and still I haven’t told my alarm..yeah, so it wakes me up an hour early every morning, but most mornings I don’t hear it anyways, so it’s all good 🙂

But recently, it beginning to cost me…I had to pay 7.80 pounds for library overdue books, 60 pounds to NBK coz of forgetting my pin number, my NI form mught be refused coz I forgot to mail the application on time, oh, and of course my thesis is way behind 🙂

Now, the other thing with me is that I need some ancient civilization to set me straight…and since this 11/11/11 is somehow related to the Mayans, I have graciously allowed them to help me jump off this merry little ride I am on. Yep, on this date, I am going to do the following:  1. Once a while, make an attempt at maybe getting off at certain stops on my joyful ride on the Procrastinating Train (some call it the Lazy Train), 2. start learning how to make firefox apps (saw an article about that and thought, hey why not), and 3. relaunch this blog!

Number 3…tick

UPDATE: Number 2=tick…okay, it wasn’t firefox, but chrome. This made it look easy: http://lifehacker.com/5857721/how-to-build-a-chrome-extension


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