Dev Anand, BBC, and Population Control

I’m one of those people who goes to bed with the radio on and wakes up with the news. I woke up with BBC World Service this morning. Tthe second piece of news in the headlines was the passing away of Dev Anand. I was still in bed and my first though was if mom had heard this news yet or not, was about to get up to tell her when I remembered.

It had been some time that I had forgotten that mom herself was no longer here.

Well, one of her favorite films was Guide . Mom, this is dedicated to you:

But during breakfast I got thinking…why was this one of BBC WORLD Service’s main news piece? I mean what percentage of their world wide listeners actually even know who he is? True, other than the sub-continent, Bollywood is quite popular in GCC countries (that’s why I grew up with Bollywood), and possibly maybe in Malaysia and Indonesia…but…ah well, that’s it then…that’s A LOT…the sub-continent may only be one part of the world but they make up a significant percentage of the world’s population…and with that comes power..consumer power…and with that comes attention…businesses (including BBC) love a single large (mostly) homogenous consumer group…which is way in supermarkets in London you would find Indian ethnic items (food, clothing, music, etc) in abundance. But if I need to get my favorite Iranian sweet (Shereny Ard nokhodchey), I need to go to that charming Iranian shop in Peckham 😦

SOLUTION: I need to start a campaign urging Iranians to bred and multiply…forget population control…If you care at all about Nokhodchey, you would start having babies, loads and loads of them, tomorrow!! 😉

RIP Dev Saab and thank you for making all those movies that gave mom so many memories and so many stories to tell me 🙂

Dokhtar Shirazi

Dear Mom,

Well, as my first post of us just ‘hanging’ out, look what I stumbled on:


You used to sing this song all the time 🙂 🙂 …It’s “Dokhtar Shirazi” by Zia and Nasrin. I remember the first time you sang it, you used to stop and say, here the guy says, and then you would sing it; then you would stop and say, here the girl replies, and you would sing it 🙂 You were so cute 🙂

Click HERE to download the song


A reader requested the translation of the song. As you can see this song is an old flirtation Iranian folklore in the streets of a bazaar. Basically she was wearing a chador and he wanted to see stuff!!

Man: Shirazi girl, my dearest Shirazi girl. Reveal your hair to me so I would be content.
Woman: What do you want with my hair you ill-mannered boy? Haven’t you seen a noose in the bazaar? It;s just like that only much more expensive

Man: Shirazi dear, dearest shirazi girl. I ache for you lips till I see you again

Man: Shirazi girl, my dearest Shirazi girl. Reveal your eyebrows to me so I would be content.
Woman: What do you want with my eyebrows you ill-mannered boy? Haven’t you seen a bow in the bazaar? It’s just like that only much more expensive.

Man: [Now he wants to see her eyes]
Woman: [Again she tells him off, and says her eyes are like the almonds in the bazaar]

Man: [Now it’s the lips!!]
Woman [It’s like the Olives!! (I’ve no idea why she compares her lips to olives!!)

The Media’s new pet–the swine flu

If you ask me which secret society right now is controlling the world, which organization holds the steering wheel of our mindset; I will say without a doubt it’s the media. If you want world peace we have got to pull the plug on all the media—silence them I say–off with their heads…ok that was taking it a bit too far, let them keep their heads. So how we would we get our news you ask–from the honest hearts of ordinary people on twitter, facebook, blogs, and the other billion social networking sites on the WWW

Now back to these NLP experts (aka the media); one could seriously learn a lot of business tricks and gimmicks from them. They seriously know how to drill a trival piece of news into the mass’s head until they stop questioning why the informatin they are feeding them is relevant. Their latest project is of course this swine flu…would someone please explain to me why this has become a big deal????

Ever since watching a YouTube clip of somegreyblok on Grey’s blog I have become a fan of his short sarcastic clips. Check out his latest on the swine flu especially the statistics on worldwide deaths per month of other dieases.

A snapshot of my diary

10:00 am: ran into an old friend

10:01 am: exchanged some friendly exchanges

10:20 am: friend still hadn’t ran out of imbecilic topics

10:30 am: kept looking at my watch to signal to friend to end the torture

10:50 am: friend was too daft to pick up my body language

11:30 am: felt a headache coming on coz of the boring conversation

12: 10 pm: friend got a phone call

12: 10:10 sec pm: I stole the chance and said good bye while he was on the phone

2:00 pm: came home; had a HUGE headache

2:01 pm: wondered why I always get a headache whenever I have a boring conversation

2:02 pm: watched a bit of CNN to see if the bailout would go through

2:03 pm: chuckled at the way McCain walks

2:20 pm: headache was getting slightly better

2:21 pm: thought of getting the patent of a novel way of getting rid of headaches: Watch McCain

2:30 pm: took a short nap

5:00 am: got up

5: 01 am: wonders why the house was so quiet

5:02 am: looked at the time

5:02 am: looked at the date

5:02 am: rubbed eyes to make sure I saw the date properly

5:02 am: realized I slept for about 15 hours

5:02 am: tried to remember if I have actually broken any sort of record for longest sleep

5:10 am: turned CNN on

5:15 am: nope no deal yet on bailout

5:16 am: looked out the window

5:30 am: left the house to go for a walk

5:31 am: a light sweet breeze greeted me as I left the elevator

5:31 am: all smiles

5:35 am: got to the beach; loved the weather, the smell, the sound of the waves

6:50 am: got home

7:15 am: checked email and watched abc news…love multi tasking

7:30 am: read an email from a friend congratulating me on becoming a mother

7:32: am: pondered WTH gave her the idea that I am the mother of a five year old now

7:35 am: realized she must have thought an email I forwarded on ‘70 reasons why I love being a mom’ was written by me

7:36 am: rolled my eyes. Thought: We correspond at least twice a month, if I had become a mom I think I would have somehow remembered to tell her in one of my emails

7:37 am: Thought: I should really try to find more intelligent friends

7:38 am: decided today I would just linger around and have loads of Me Time

7:39 am: Went surfing (the net kind not the wave)

8:00 am: Read this article: 12 Weirdest Things Ever Insured

8:01 am: Dropped jaw after reading this: 67 year old singer, Tom Jones, has reportedly insured his own chest hair for something in the region of $7 million.

chest hair worth $7 million

chest hair worth $7 million

8:01 am: Thought maybe I should look into insuring my brain drying out as a result of taking to idiots

9:10 am: Read this article: Eye-Fi Gives any Camera Wi-Fi and Geo-Location!

9:11 am: Thought, oh, oh, I really gotta get one of these

10:19 am: Thought there are loads of weird sites like this one: HARD TO SAY. Why would anyone want to send an anonymous note to someone?!!!

10:25 am: Thought of at least 15 different anonymous notes I would like to send people

12:01 pm: Checked Iman Maleki’s gallery to see if new paintings have been added. Yes, and I LOVE this one:

Iman Maleki's "Old Album

Iman Maleki's Old Album

4:00 pm: Stumbled on a great site for booking flights: Boarding Pass

4:15 pm: Added a great game to play on Facebook: Guess the Sketch

6:00 pm: Sent this article to all those kill joys who tell me to stop living on chocolate: 6.7 grams of dark chocolate cut heart risk

7:00 pm: smiled at this cool optical illusion: Fairy and Leprechaun

9:00 pm: decided to go shopping for some vertical stripped dresses after reading: Scientist explodes myth about Big Bum Theory and the wrong type of stripes

notta optical illusion

notta optical illusion

9:10 pm: Played some point-and-click games.

10:00 pm: Cheated Read the walk through for a couple of the games

5:30 am: Finished watching till chapter 5 of A New Earth webcast – on YOU TUBE

5:31 am: went for another morning walk.

5:40 am: Added ‘early morning smell’ to my list of favorite smells

6:50 am: went to bed

10:15 am: wrote this schedule

11: 35 am: published this post

12:00 pm: will go blog hoping

Windmills of My Mind

Neverending circles

Never ending circles


I want my inner zombies back…
Being blissfully numb is gnawing at my ferocity.. .
Had been blissful before, had been numb before…just never blissfully numb
Yeah, I want my inner zombies back, this utopia is too drone
Want my dystopia back
The winds have been turning the windmills of my mind again…
Sleep is laden with illusionary images again…
The reel, the snowball, the carnival balloon, the carousel are all here
Was it something I said, was it something I should have said
Will I ever get put the fragments together, will the puzzle be ever completed
I want this jangle to irate me, I want this temple to misguide me
I want to trade this blissful numbness for a teacher …for a joker
First I will break the wings of my angel,
Then I will bury my dancing shoes
How should I drown out the piper I wonder?
Need to inject some toxins in my spirit,
Need to combat the voice within
Need to dry out the sweet rain
I can’t tell,
Can’t tell where I left my soul shaker
Don’t know,
I don’t know how to throw the dice on the game of snakes and ladder anymore




Wrote this at wee hour of a Thursday morning after listening to “Windmills of your Mind” over and over again. I first heard this song in music class in grade 2 or 3. The melody was stuck somewhere at the back of my ‘windmills’ for many years. I ‘found’ the song 2 years ago on one the blogs but didn’t quite get it till this morning. Finally the lyrics clicked; now that my mind is entangled in the same whirlpool

The original version of the song and in my opinion the best version



Dusty Springfield’s version is the best female version of it.



The Windmills Of Your Mind

(from “The Thomas Crown Affair”)

Music by Michel Legrand
Lyrics by Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman

Round, like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel.
Never ending or beginning,
On an ever spinning wheel
Like a snowball down a mountain
Or a carnival balloon
Like a carousel that’s turning
Running rings around the moon

Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on its face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Like a tunnel that you follow
To a tunnel of its own
Down a hollow to a cavern
Where the sun has never shone
Like a door that keeps revolving
In a half forgotten dream
Or the ripples from a pebble
Someone tosses in a stream.

Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on its face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Keys that jingle in your pocket
Words that jangle in your head
Why did summer go so quickly
Was it something that you said
Lovers walking along the shore,
Leave their footprints in the sand
Is the sound of distant drumming
Just the fingers of your hand

Pictures hanging in a hallway
And a fragment of a song
Half remembered names and faces
But to whom do they belong

When you knew that it was over
In the autumn of goodbyes
For a moment
You could not recall the color of his eyes

[if a man is singing, this part would be:]

When you knew that it was over
Were you suddenly aware
That the autumn leaves were turning
To the color of her hair?

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning,
On an ever spinning wheel
As the images unwind
Like the circle that you find
In the windmills of your mind

me bored…so i’m clipping away…

My mission last week was to create more hours in my day…

Well mission accomplished

I managed to add about 3 hours…


By unsubscribing to almost 60 RSS feeds

Yep…my google reader is cluster free now….well almost…i still spend 2 hours a day on the big WWW…
I ‘ll get help soon…


So here are a couple of articles/news/videos that broaden my horizons recently:



SHE looks like any other student with her life ahead of her – happy, relaxed and without a care


when laughter is NOT the best medicine 😀

in the world.

But 20-year-old Kay Underwood could be paralysed if she gets a fit of the giggles.
The pretty architecture student, from Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, has cataplexy, which is a sudden weakening of the muscles brought on by strong emotions.

In Miss Underwood’s case, laughter is the cause, but other known triggers are excitement, anger and, in at least one bizarre case, smugness.

On one day alone, the University of Lincoln student collapsed some 40 times before she lost count.

Continue reading the story here

My reaction: I had a friend in primary school who used to pee whenever she laughed…i wonder if she had cataplexy….hmmmmmm?



2. Chinese restaurant takes the cake for naming error

Hahahaha…a restaurant in China used an online translator and the ended up with this as the name of their restaurant:

My reaction: I should show this to my students who insist on using online translators 😀 😀

Full story here



3. Top 15 Amazing Coincidences

Here are my fav one:

Revenge Killing

In 1883, Henry Ziegland broke off a relationship with his girlfriend who, out of distress, committed suicide. The girl’s enraged brother hunted down Ziegland and shot him. Believing he had killed Ziegland, the brother then took his own life. In fact, however, Ziegland had not been killed. The bullet had only grazed his face, lodging into a tree. It was a narrow escape. Years later, Ziegland decided to cut down the same tree, which still had the bullet in it. The huge tree seemed so formidable that he decided to blow it up with dynamite. The explosion propelled the bullet into Ziegland’s head, killing him.

LINK to article HERE



4. Pizza Ghormeh sabzi

OMG…what genius…someone put my two favorite dishes together…pizza and ghormeh sabzi (or as they say here in Kuwait..shaabzi)…and he won 3rd place in a pizza competition

MY REACTION: I wonder if i cud get Dominos Pizza to make this…hmmmm

MBC Persia to be launched soon

So at 9 o’clock this morning I was watching Good Morning America on MBC 4 when I started hearing a lot of shhh sounds–hmmm, so since I had already learned [here] and [here]that if someone uses a lot of shhh they are either speaking French or Farsi, I paid a little extra attention and lo and behold…it was Farsi!!!

So what was the dude doing speaking Farsi on MBC 4….well it was an announcement for a new MBC channel:MBC PERSIA

From what I gathered from the announcement they will probably show the same films as mbc 2 and mbc action but with Persian subtitles……Yipeeeeeeeeeeee…Persian subtitles…..ooohhhh I can’t wait….I LOVE reading subtitles…it’s like watching a whole different film…I’m not talking about the usual ‘wine’ becoming ‘juice’, no I’m talking about translations that change the whole story line….oooh can’t wait 😀

BTW u can join in the fun with this bit of info:


For more information about MBC Persia on Badr(old arabsat) and Nilesat visit http://WWW.IRANSAT.CO.NR
The promo of MBC PERSIA
In case you are wondering what the name of the song in this promo is, it’s “Egypt (Land of the Pharoahs)” by 1200 Micrograms. Thanks to doctormemory, a YouTube user
The channel will be launched on 9th of July 2008 at 1130 GMT / 1530 UAE
And even more info over here:

Where The Hell is Matt–2008

Now this is weird…just 2 days ago i was thinking that Matt hasn’t released a new video in a long time and today I log onto YouTube and one of the recommended videos is….his new video 😀 😀 😀 😀

Oh…his first video was one reason that inspired me to resign and travel…so i guess i owe him one..thank you Matt for the inspiration.


Oh and the only time i have seen Matt change his dance slightly is in this video when he is in India 🙂

And if you haven’t seen his previous videos: (the 2006 one is my fav–love the music too)


The original one 2003

More info on Matt and his trips:

1. FAQ on his site

2. His lectures on why and how he made the videos:

part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Pictures of Abyaneh

I can’t sleep again 😀 ….and yes once again I created another masterpiece…this time it’s a video of the pix I took in Abyaneh.

Oh, once I get off my lazy ass, I’ll write a proper post about Abyaneh and it’s mesmerizing cultural/historical attractions. But to be honest with you, I have lost the book and the CD I bought over there with all the info!!!

So until my Angel of Lost and Found Items places them in my lap, please accept the video and this brief info for the time being:

Abyaneh has been nicknamed a living architectural and anthropological museum.

It is famous for its highly intellectual and educated people, their deep commitment to their traditional customs and attire, and the fact that they still speak Parthian Pahlavi amongst themselves. Parthian Pahlavi was a language spoken in NE Iran from 250 BC to226 AD, i.e a language that died out 2000 years ago.

You can’t help but get an eerie feeling walking through the streets of Abyaneh

PS. The song in the video is “Doroghataam Ghashange” by Naser

Don’t ask me what’s the song got to do with the video :O