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My name is “A Blue Marker”

Just started reading “My Name is Red”…got frustrated at first at how the narrator keeps changing in each chapter…then I dawned on me…it dawned on me that’s how it should be…narrating a story from one angle is so mundane.

So here’s post written about my life from the eyes of my marker (written in the style of My Name is Red)

My name is “A Blue Marker”

So I have been in her bag for many years now. I remember the first time she took me out. Her hands were all sweaty and shaky. I could tell she was nervous. She turned and looked at the clean huge white board in front of her. She let out a pleading sigh. Ever so slowly she took of the plastic wrapping around my cap. Her motions were naively clumsy. She had to struggle to take off my cap; once off she fumbled around not knowing where to put it; the poor thing had no idea what to do with it. I remember I had to actually send off some kind of thought wave to her to place my cap on my end. I have to give it to her, she did pick my thought waves quickly. And so, my cap was tightly placed on my end and she was all good to go.

But she didn’t. She had no idea what to do with me; how to hold me. Was I the first maker she ever held? No I wasn’t. But I was her first very own. This was her first white board and soon her first students would enter the class. I was hers. She was mine. And she knew our relationship would last a long time.

That was 14 years ago. My user eventually did learn to become more comfortable with me. If memory serves me right, she became intimate with me by the end of that very session. Ahhh yes, over the years I have witnessed her write so many sentences on that white board; but mostly grammar explanations, and her favorite is this one: “I have lived in [name of country she is living in] for 10 years” vs “I lived in [name of country she is living in] for 10 years”; she uses this pair when she wants to explains difference between simple present and present perfect. Oh, don’t tell I her I told you this but she makes loads and loads of spelling mistakes, hahahaha.

But something strange happened last month; she took me out of her bag as usual, but this time the sentences she wrote weren’t familiar to me. It wasn’t her favorite pair of sentences, it wasn’t grammatical at all, nor was a vocabulary related, or business writing, nor was it that preposition chart she had drawn so often, in fact I had never seen her write these types of words ever before. What was she doing? What were these strings of words the ink in me was marking on the flip chart?

Team work-win-win situation-conflict management-being passive, aggressive or assertive, etc

So she is bidding farewell to English training and saluting Business training. I guess from now my ink will be deciphered by a different group of trainees.

And so she turns to a new chapter.