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The Monkey Experiment: The Habit Virus

Dunno why my energy level has taken a steep dive into a never-ending abyss…I try to avoid the ‘term’ hate’ but honestly there’s no better word I can use here, but this year I simply HATE winter. I miss that scotching big yellow ball in Kuwait’s skies. I haven’t been bathed by its rays in over 2 months!!! I so want Kuwait’s sun back.

Anyhoo, until my source of energy comes out of hiding from behind these cold clouds, I will continue to plagiarize and only copy and paste stuff off the net for my posts…here’s a story that says a lot about _____________________ (fill in the blank).

The Habit Virus

Source: ‘The NLP Pocketbook’ by Gillian Burn

PS. Click on the picture if you are having problems reading the small, blurry, eye straining font.

UPDATE: I found a text version of the Monkey Story:

In a research study, five monkeys were placed in a cage with a ladder leading to a bunch of ripe bananas. One monkey headed towards the bananas, but hidden at the top of the ladder was a water spray which showered water over the monkey. So it abandoned the attempt. Another monkey tried; it too was sprayed with water. Each monkey in turn tried, but each was doused and eventually gave up. The researchers turned off the water spray and removed one monkey from the cage, replacing it with a new one. The new monkey saw the bananas and immediately tried to climb the ladder. However, to its horror, the other monkeys leapt up and stopped it.

Over time the researchers removed and replaced all the original monkeys. Every time a newcomer approached the ladder the other monkeys stopped it from climbing up. None of the remaining monkeys had ever been sprayed, but still no monkey approached the ladder to reach the bananas. As far as they knew that was the way it had always been done, and so the habit was formed.

UPDATE 2: Another post with a video of the monkey experiment: http://blog.stsaint.com/philosophy/2010/05/5-monkeys-experiment/


Trip to Malaysia: KL #1

Here’s a very belated travellog of my trip to Malaysia:

My flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur had an hour stop at Singapore airport. Though i only got to roam about this airport for 45 minutes, i officially declared it as my fav airport straight away. The whole airport looked like a hotel lobby…so quiet…so clean…so cozy :D…my first though was that if I’m ever forced to live in an airport for the rest of my life–you know like Tom Hanks in the Terminal (which FYI was loosely based on an Iranian dude who lived in Charles De Gaulle airport for 14 years)–I would pick to live in this airport:

So, I arrived at KL airport around 1 o’clock in the morning. I was told that i could get visa right at the airport, so as soon as I arrived my little observant eyes radared  around for the Visa Issue desk…couldn’t locate any…so I approach the first airport officer:



ME: xcuse me…where can i get a visa?

HER: over there

ME: no, that’s passport control…i still need to get a visa

HER: (all smiles, in the sweetest voice ever) yeah, same place



OK, that was my first encounter with a Malaysian and my first thought then was, boy they are so sweet, so friendly 😀


Well, the whole visa issuing and passport control process took about 25 seconds…


Now i had done my homework so I knew there are many different types of taxis I could get (even a rapid train) and that the best choice for me would be the budget taxi since I only had 1 suitcase and that ride to my hotel should be around 60 RM (about 5 KD or $20) ….and I KNEW I had to be wary of being swamped by non-airport taxis…but hey i was dead tired. I had left Kuwait at 3 in the morning and had arrived in KL at 12 midnight…that’s about 15 hours….so when the guy said the ride to my hotel would be 150 RM i didn’t haggle or turn him down…so as he was writing out the receipt, i just smiled and said:



ME: I read online that it’s suppose to be 60 RM

HIM: Don’t believe things you read online…they are outdated…

ME: Yeah but you are more than double charging me…i’ll pay..but i want you to know i know you are over charging me

HIM: ok, i know



…and here i bursted out laughing at my own idiosy :D…


but when i got to the taxi i saw it was the ones that online described as limos (they aren’t real limos)…the price for those was RM 120 and the site did mention that after mid-night they might charge more…so i wasn’t being over-charged after all 😀 😀

Enjoy these random pics of KL:


View of KLCC from the Petrona Tower’s Sky Bridge



The Petronas Towers at night (these were the tallest towers in the world till 2004). There’s a rumor that the film Entrapment is banned in Malaysia coz of a super-imposed scene that show these Towers near the ‘slumps’ of the city of Malacca which is about 90km away from KL. Apparently the Malaysian government was upset. Now I’ll post pics of Malacca soon, I actually liked the ‘slump’ i thought it had soul and a past, it didn’t look anything like a ‘slump’ to me.



The KL Tower (aka Menara Tower). First thought, doesn’t Menara in Arabic mean Tower? So the name of this tower is Tower Tower??) Anyway, I recommend that whoever goes to KL, they should first go to the observation desk over here and check out the audio-visual tour guide of the whole city from up there. You can even see the Batu Caves from up there. Oh and when you go there definitely try the flying fox ride.



Me on the Flying Fox Ride at KL Tower (aka Menara Tower)



A notice board about a special tree at the base of the Tower. They spent RM 430,000 (about KD35,000 or $133,000 to save this single tree during the construction of the tower!!!



And here’s that special tree:



The ceiling of the dome inside the tower. The ceiling was designed by an Iranian from Isfahan.



Inside the tower



Another activity you can try at the KL Tower is to take a guided walk through the Bukit Nanas Forest. This forest is the oldest virgin forest in the world located within a city. What I really liked about KL is that it was a city in the middle of a rain forest. So if you live there and one day you need to take a short break from the fast pace of city life, you could just take a detoxifying walk in a rain forest. The plant species I saw over there looked like something out of Jurassic Park. Here’s a pic of the back of our guide and two other vistors. BTW, that couple were Indians who also lived in Kuwait for a while…how small is the world!!!



More pics soon 😀

UPDATE: Part 2 entry here: https://mymagicaldroplets.wordpress.com/2008/10/31/colors-of-malaysia-2008/

Where The Hell is Matt–2008

Now this is weird…just 2 days ago i was thinking that Matt hasn’t released a new video in a long time and today I log onto YouTube and one of the recommended videos is….his new video 😀 😀 😀 😀

Oh…his first video was one reason that inspired me to resign and travel…so i guess i owe him one..thank you Matt for the inspiration.


Oh and the only time i have seen Matt change his dance slightly is in this video when he is in India 🙂

And if you haven’t seen his previous videos: (the 2006 one is my fav–love the music too)


The original one 2003

More info on Matt and his trips:

1. FAQ on his site

2. His lectures on why and how he made the videos:

part 1

Part 2

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Dar Athar Al-Islamiyya Events

The remaining events at Dar Athar:

Next 28/04/2008 Risa Tokunaga: Desert Rock Inscriptions in Arabia & Egypt: Traces of Ancient Arab Travellers & Bedouin
05/05/2008 Music- Sulaiman al-Dikan
12/05/2008 Carl Ernst: “Sufism & the Aesthetics of Penmanship in Ya’qub ibn Hasan al-Shirazi’s Tukfat al-Muhibbin (1454
13/05/2008 Judith Ernst: “Envisioning the Unseen: The Relationship between Vision and Sight in Art and Illustration”
19/05/2008 Gocha Japaridze
26/05/2008 Sitare Turan Bakir: “Traditional Tiles & Ceramics of … today”
28/05/2008 Music ,Rashed Juma: Violin / Piano recital…

Day in Review

Already accomplished:

Case 1: Finally called friends and let them know I’m back in Kuwait.

Case 2: Finally started yoga…OUCH my back!!!

Case 3: Finally mom had her talk with me on WHEN THE HELL I plan to go back to work.

Case 4: Finally fixed my yahoo messenger

Case 5: Finally changed my template…again

Case 7: Booked 2 tickets for the new KLT show: www.theklt.com

Case 8: Read a great translation of Googoosh’s song: Mordab HERE on Abadany dar Holland’s Blog

Still need to do

Case: 1: Install that “Intro to Guitar” CD; and that “Guide to Persian Literature” CD

Case 2: Check out all those bookmarked sites that were blocked in Iran

Case 3: Finish reading “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”

Case 4: Reply to 2 personal emails

Car Boot Sale this Saturday April 26

How come usually whenever I sigh, ‘hmmm I wish so and so would happen’ my wish is granted except when it comes to winning the lottery!!!! 😀 😀

So today I tell a friend, I haven’t been to a car boot sale/yard sale/street bazaar in a long time and just now I got an email from Operation Hope that there’s a yard sale this Saturday:

Community Yard Sale

30 am

Rumaithiya, Block 9, Street 92, House 23

Huge selection of new and used items including furniture, clothing, books, toys, appliances, brick-a-brack, decorative items, linens, DVDs, and much more. Proceeds benefit Operation Hope. Be sure to get there early for best selection!

PPS. But I think I would love winning the lottery more 😀